Winston Churchill’s Belted Galloways

Winston Churchill’s Belted Galloways John Kincaid was herdsman for the famed Moss End Farm when he wrote an article for the U.K.’s January, 1964 Belted Galloway News describing a famous Belted Galloway herd:

“One of the best of the English herds is to be found at Chartwell Manor, in Kent. This small select herd is owned by the Right Honorable Sir Winston Churchill and was founded in 1935 by the present of a few females from the Lullenden herd owned by Sir Winston’s old friend the late General Sir lan Hamilton, whose home was then at Lullenden near East Grinstead in Sussex. This property was purchased from Sir Winston in 1919. Sir Winston joined the Belted Galloway Society in 1939.

“In the early years of the second world war Sir lan told me that fresh blood was required for the Chartwell herd and asked if I could do anything to help. I spoke to my employer Mr. W. Emmott, Moss End Farm, Warfield, Bracknell, Berkshire, on the matter. His reply was immediate and to the point–select two good heifers for Mr. Churchill and we will keep them, if he so desires, until the war is over.

“Sir lan was only too pleased this should be done. He already had as ‘paying guests’ Mr. Churchill’s original Belties.

“In the Autumn of 1947 six Belties were delivered at Chartwell, the two original purchases and their four offspring. When the cattle reached their new home and were passing along by the side of the lake, a great shout was heard coming from the direction of the manor. This was from Mr. Churchill.

“Not being sure what the shout was about, I called at the house to make enquiries. Mr. Churchill said it was all right, he was only shouting a welcome to the Belties! After drinking a toast in sherry to the future welfare of the new arrivals, I hied for home happy in the knowledge that I had been privileged to do some little thing for the pleasure of this very great and gallant gentleman.”