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A very nice bull, OK Hills Vince Gill 37722-B. DOB 4/18/14.  Also two heifers:  OK Hills Janna Ryan, DOB 10/4/16, and OK Hills Wanda Jackson, DOB 12/12/16.  Both were sired by Wiga’s Zopman 35956-B. Contact Midge Graves at or call (405) 612-2716.  OK Hills Farm, Coyle, OK. 11/19/17


 Two black belted feeder steers for sale that are approximately  500 pounds each.  We will weigh if interested.  Grassfed only. A  black belted yearling heifer, French Creek Hattie 40443B. DOB 8/08/16.  Hypotrichosis free, grassfed only, wide belt, thick build.  Pictures upon request. French Creek Belties, Susan Brunswick, Bloomington, IL.  (309) 662-4807 or 11/19/17


Purebred Dun Belted Galloway bull. Holbrook Hill Dolomite 41144-D. Born 3/19/16.  Halter broken, friendly, great temperament.  Embryo calf out of Holbrook Hill’s most prolific blue ribbon producing female, Contessa, mated with 4x Australian Champion Shiralee Moonshine.  Steven Silberberg – Holbrook Hill Farm, Bedford, NH.( 603) 647-4400  or 11/8/17


Beltie’s Barn herd reduction sale: Two black yearling bulls. Beltie’s Barn Magnum 40557-B, DOB 4/17/16. Beltie’s Barn Lincoln 40559-B, DOB 7/27/16. Three open heifers. Beltie’s Barn Patricia 40560-B, DOB 8/23/16. Beltie’s Barn Enid 40561, DOB 9/15/16. Beltie’s Barn Edith 40562, DOB 9/15/16. Three exposed cows: Beltie’s Barn Effie 39636, DOB 8/12/15. Beltie’s Barn Connie 39635, DOB 5/25/15. All of the above animals were sired by Stonesthrow Pilgrim (AI) (ET) 36033-B. Beltie’s Barn Loretta 36538, DOB 7/9/13. Sired by Sunnybrook Bonfire 34454-B. Nice conformation, good disposition and quality bloodlines. For more information and photos, feel free to contact Nathan Sell, Gobles, MI. or call (734)777-6780. 11/1/17


Black bull for sale. Driftwood Anvil 330A (AI)(ET) 37745-B, Born 2/9/13.  Anvil’s sire, Driftwood Jackal, 6969-B, is one of Driftwood’s most popular sires.  His dam, Arcadia Roxy, 18510-B, was used extensively in embryo transfer programs at both Stonesthrow Farm and Driftwood due to her classic Belted Galloway type and her productivity.   Anvil has completed his 3rd year as our herd sire.  His calves have been uniform, have excellent growth rates, good conformation and are easy to work with. Joyce or Vic Eggleston, Hav-a-belt Galloways, New Glarus, WI.  Email  Phone (608) 527-4811, Cell (608) 335-7732. 10/26/17


 For sale – Black, Beltie bull. Todd Hill Bellringer 41608-B. DOB 8/15-/16. Excellent markings. Randall C. & Barbara Blankenship, Todd Hill Farm, 84 Cumberland Ave, New Castle, VA.  (540) 266-4420. 10/26/17


A very nice Beltie bull for sale. Athenrye Cassidy 38932-B was born on 4/19/15. Sire: Driftwood Yield. Dam: Athenrye Hazel whose sire was Anderson Hill Nashua.  Cassidy has a nice wide belt and is easy to handle and ready to be a herd sire. He performed very well on motility evaluation. Visit website Rappahannock Belties for pictures. Contact Jack Bagley, Sperryville, VA at (540) 987-8604 for further information. 10/25/17


A very nice registered bred cow. Sunnybrook Sera 35231-B. DOB 3/21/12. Sire:  Stonesthrow  Umbro, Dam: Sunnybrook Sierra. Sera has show cattle genetics, a good temperament, is a good mother, and has a large frame. She is bred to either Countyline Connor, who was the 2016 show bull of the year and sire of the year, or Countyline Eivan who is half brother to Connor.  Eivan is here on my farm as well as Sera’s 17-month-old heifer calf that you can view.  More information and pictures available upon request. Brad Smith, Hidden Peninsula Farm, Paw Paw, MI. (269) 657-4578 or 10/25/17


Bello Farms is offering for sale a registered 2011 black Belted Galloway cow and her March 2017 calf for sale.  Also four Belted Galloway/Angus crossbred heifers.  All are black with belts.  Farm located in Ord, NE.  Contact Tracy Holling (402) 740-5852 or 10/25/17


Wagner Belties, located in Tipton, IA is offering the following animals for sale. Wagner Belties Darlene 41274-B,PBXX. DOB: 10/29/16. Sire: Driftwood Oak 13Z 36892-B. Dam: Wagner Belties Anastasia A36830-B,7/8BGXX. Darlene carries genetics that include three color genes. Hav-A-Belt Wynona A10608-B,M1. DOB: 4/6/09. Sire: Anderson Hill Banjo 10701-B. Dam: Hav-A-Belt Naomi A9158-B, M4. Wynona carries a dun color gene. She has been pasture exposed from 6-15-17 to 8-16-17 to Wagner Farms Commander 40525-B. Wagner Belties Dream Catcher 39618-B,PBXX. DOB: 2/4/16. Sire: Driftwood Oak 13Z 36892-B. Dam: Wagner Belties My Fair Lady A33358-B,7/8BGXX. Dream Catcher carries genetics that include three color genes. Wagner Belties Diamond 41273-B, PBXX, M1. DOB: 10/9/16. Sire: Driftwood Oak 13Z 36892-B. Dam: Wagner Belties Kookie A33359-B,7/8,BGXX. Kookie carries genetics that include three color genes. Young quality steers for show or meat are also available. For more information or questions, call Audrey Wagner (563) 219-5990 or email to 10/21/17


Registered black & white breeding stock for sale: heifers, cows and bulls. Open 2016 heifers:  BMP Janie, 40907-B. DOB 2/1/16. BMP Jacqueline. 40908-B. DOB 2/5/16. BMP Jasmine 40909-B. DOB 2/8/16. BMP Jewel 40911-B. DOB 3/2/16. BMP Josephina 40916-B. DOB 8/7/16. Exposed heifers: BMP Hazel 38192-B. DOB 11/6/14. BMP Isabella 38193-B. DOB 2/4/15. BMP Ingrid. 40009-B. DOB 6/9/15. BMP Ida. 40219-B. DOB 8/7/15. BMP Irene 40220-B. DOB 8/18/15. The 2014 heifer and the 2015 born heifers listed have been exposed to our new herd bull Aten’s Diamond 33527-B. He is out of Rousseau Farm Diesel 9579-B  who took Grand Champion Galloway Bull in 2008 & Reserve Champion Senior Bull in 2011 at the National Western Stock Show. Also available are cow/calf pairs. They are 2013 and 2014 born cows with 2017 calves. Cows were sired by Antietam Stonewall Jackson 10527-B. The calves were sired by Johnson Farm’s Achilles, 36107-B.  Please e-mail or call with inquiries. Located in south central Missouri.  Contact Myra Franks, BMP Farm, LLC, Rolla, MO at or (573) 308-7438. 10/21/17


Females for sale. Wagner Farms Cora A40103-B,PBXX, M1. DOB 11/23/15. Sire: Sutliff’s Unbridled 33216-B.  Dam: Wagner Belties Ellie A33692-B,7/8BGXX. Cora carries dun genetics. Wagner Farms Dorothy 39619-B. DOB 1/6/16. Sire:  Driftwood Oak 13Z36892-B    Dam:  Aavalon Farm Orabelle 35719-B. Dorothy genetics that include three color genes. Wagner Farms Donna 41272-B. DOB 10/28/16. Sire: Driftwood Oak 13Z 36892-B. Dam: Sutliff’s You R My Sunshine 34134-B. Donna genetics that include three color genes. Cow with newborn calf at side. Aavalon Farm Orabelle  35719-B. DOB 10/2/12. Sire:  Stonesthrow Whitehall (AI) (ET)  # 32593-B.  Dam: Aavalon Farm Beauty 31940-B. Wagner Farms,  Michael & Kathleen Wagner, Tipton, IA. Call (563) 357-6992 or (563) 886-6913 or email for more information. 10/21/17


 Twenty-one-months old bull for sale. Little Acres Farm Sir Robert 41138-D. DOB 11/19/15.  Robert’s sire is Starlite Ivanhoe 9179-B.  His dam is Caldwell Roisin 26144-D.  Robert has been DNA tested and is negative for hypotrichosis.  He has been bull soundness examined and is ready to go to work.  Robert has good conformation, a quiet disposition and a nice belt.  He carries all three color genes and genetics from several famous British herds. Photos available by text.  Claude and Peggy Blum.  Little Acres Farm, Winnsboro, TX.  (903) 629-3887 or cell  (903) 975-1536. 10/18/17


 Hobbie Horse Farm in Paradise, Utah has the following for sale. Circle W Boyd 39162-B is a registered black and white Belted Galloway bull.  He has an excellent temperament and is long and tall. Boyd is  three-and-a-half-years old and has done two breeding seasons without a miss. He has produced calves that are very well marked with some good birth weights. Also available: Hobbie Horse Suzy an unregistered one-year- old heifer and two belted steers. Contact Richard or Emily Williams, or (435) 245-4594. 10/18/17


Top Quality heifers for sale, many out of Driftwood prefix females. All sired by reserve National Champion Driftwood Carrera.  We also have a two bred heifers available and feeders.  We can help you start a herd or find that special addition.  Consideration for juniors. Jan Moyer, Legacy Ranch, Neosho MO.  Text or call (417) 207-1234 for more info or email 10/14/17


Females wanted. Located in North Alabama, I want to expand my tiny herd from four to as many as seven animals with heifers or young cows only (no bulls) for future artificial insemination.  Red or with red genes preferred. Bred or non-bred.  Delivery desired. Must have good conformation and genetics.  Please email photos, registration information, and prices to Carol Moreau Casa sul Lago Belties, Crossville, AL at or text to (850) 974-0258. 10/10/17


An April 2016 yearling bull for sale, Big Creek Ulysses 41675-B. This guy is calm, correct, blocky and has good size. He’s ready to do the job and handle a small herd. Karen Thorton, Big Creek Farm, Mount Vernon, IA. or (319) 389-9647. 9/29/17


Three March 2017 steers available. During September, delivery to World Beef Expo is an option when steers will weigh approximately 500 pounds.  Special pricing consideration will be given to a junior who would like to show. Leroy Kindler, Kindler Ranch, Newell SD. (605) 892-5832. 9/28/17


Two heifers for sale. Sutliff’s Dacia 40736-B. DOB: 9/04/16. Sire: Driftwood Oak 13Z 36892-B. Dam: Hav-A-Belt Sasha (AI) 28486-B. Sutliff’s Dulcinea 40187-B. DOB: 5/06/16. Sire: Driftwood Oak 13Z 36892-B. Dam: Mitchell Ledge Hebrides 35906-B. Photo’s available upon request. Greg & Pat Hipple, Sutliff Belties, Solon, IA. (319) 430.6664 or 9/24/17


Two very nice registered Belted Galloway heifers for sale. Buffalo Dream Amelia 40693-B, born 10/28/16 and Buffalo Dream Viviane 40696-B born 10/14/16. Both have great temperament, good genetics, and a correct frame. Contact: Claire Johnson, Buffalo Dream, Mountain Park, OK. (580) 919-3271 or 9/21/17

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