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Five Appendix recorded Belted Galloway heifers in Northwest MO for sale. Four are black and one is red.  All go back to the Starlite Redman bloodline. They are spring 2017 calves.  Steers also available. The heifers are Smithforkcreek Countess A42155-R7/8BGXX, Smithforkcreek Cleopatra A42159-B3/4BGXX, Smithforkcreek Liz A42160-B7/8BGXX, Smithforkcreek Queen A42158-B3/4BGXX, Smithforkcreek Sheba A42157B7/8BGXX.   All are red gene carriers. Transportation maybe available.  Pictures and pedigrees available on request. Contact Don or Lilli at or (816) 604-7556. Smith Fork Creek Farm, Turney, MO. 2/5/17


Driftwood Yield 34961-B, DOB is 9/3/2011 is for sale or exchange in order to diversify genetics. Sire: Ridgeview Romeo. Dam: Driftwood Melody.  Yield was purchased as a two-year0old and has produced quality calves, including two bulls in other herds. He is very docile and has good conformation.  See Rappahannock Belties website for pictures. Contact Jack Bagley at Fields of Athenrye (202) 262-7182 or for further details. 2/5/17.


Bull for Sale. Recharge Ranch Titan 37595 B. DOB: 11/13/2013. Proven bull needs new home.  Keeping heifer calves. Sire: Driftwood Tundra 11163 B. Dam: Driftwood Sugar 33791 B. Erin O’Rourke, Recharge Ranch, Chocktaw, OK. For more information contact Dan (405) 694-1259 or 1/30/17


Cow/calf pair for sale. Double B Candy 39582-B. DOB 7/10/2015. Sired by Meadowood Wayland. Heifer calf at her side born 11/23/17. Also selling four heifer calves. Twin heifers born March 2017 Double B Elaine 41631-B and Double B Ester 41632-B. Double B Elsa 41634-B. DOB  6/22/2017. Double B Eve 41633-B. DOB  4/2017. I have started halter breaking the heifers. Contact Barb Beeler, Double B Farm, Beloit, WI  (608)-921-0293 or 1/28/17


Registered yearling grassfed black/white Belted females for sale. Sire: Fearrington Future Focus — a Driftwood Talon son. The dams are from Aldermere Farm and Fearrington Village. Also, Belted Galloway steers and solid-colored purebred Galloway heifers and steers for sale. Located at our Roseland, VA farm. Debra Speyer, Shoulderbone Farm, (215)519-6426 or 1/28/17


Two registered black/white Belted Galloway bulls for sale: Four Square Frosty 42120-B. DOB 1/14/17 and Four Square Rudolph 42121-B. DOB 12/22/16. Four Square Ranch, Bullard, TX. Pictures and bloodline information available upon request. Contact Tammy Vierkant with questions. (903) 360-3422 or 1/20/17


Five-year-old bull for sale: Sunnybrook Cruise 34623-B. Dam: Sunnybrook Alexis. Sire: Meadowood Wayland. We have owned him for five years and he produces nice, stocky calves. If Cruise is not sold by 1/1/18, he will go to market. We can help on delivery. Joe Jansen, Ruling Star Farm, Breckenridge, MN. (701) 899-2705 or (701) 403-3000. 1/20/17


Three registered, black and white bred cows and six black and white open heifers for sale: All bred or sired by Sunnybrook Liberty AI. Call or text Doug at Red Barn Farms, Bargersville, IN for details and pricing (317) 409-6857 or 1/13/18


Registered Belted Galloway bull, born June 2016. Buffalo Dream Odin 41975-B. Sire: Aavalon Farm the Petester 34780-B.Dam: Magnolia Trace Petunias Zora 34754-B. Very nice temperament and great conformation will add quality to your herd. Contact: Claire Johnson, Buffalo Dream Ranch,  Mountain Park, OK.  (580) 919-3271 or email: 1/13/18


One heifer born in June 2016 and one cow born in September 2013 for sale. Both are easy-keepers and ready to be bred. Call or text Krystina Short, KS Farms, Topeka, IL (309) 318-0037. 1/13/18


Two registered duns available. One is a 15 month-old heifer, Red Gates Ada, DOB 7/10/16. Dam: Red Gates Ashley and sired by Driftwood Yield 34961B. The other is Red Gates Silver Ice 41969D, DOB 12/16/16. He is an outstanding prospect for a herd bull. His grandsire is the established Silver Lifetime Award Goose Creek Sterling 6101D. His  sire is Goose Creek Silver Bullet 10241D. Both have very friendly dispositions and are very manageable herd animals. Contact Dean/Judi Stenzel, Red Gates Farm, Lexington, VA (540) 261-3455 or email for photos or additional information. 1/8/17


For sale. Belted Galloway bull, Southern Wood Carlye 37853B. DOB 11/23/14. Spring Forrest Farm, Roy Menefee, New Castle, VA. or (540) 864-7515. 1/6/17


Registered Black Belted Galloway cattle for sale. Heifers of all ages–calves, open yearlings, and bred heifers. All were sired by Nichols Ranch Luke 39555-B. They have great temperament and great conformation. Pictures and bloodline information available upon request. Contact Nancy Vega, (512)-825-5674 by text or call. Email  J&N Ranch, West Point, Texas. 1/6/18


Four well-conformed young calves for sale. One bull and three heifers. Bull Calf: BLR Atchiles 41978-B. DOB 2/3/17. Sire: Bella Vista Arne 37693-B. Dam: Rockwater Nicole II 38612-B – superior genetics and markings, very gentle. A very nice open heifer: BLR Viola 41977-B. Sire: Bella Vista Arne 37693-B. Dam: Rockwater Kathy 38613-B. DOB 3/11/17. Two open heifers sired by Bella Vista Arne 37693-B that are well-marked and conformed, and can be Appendix recorded. DOB 2/3/17 and 4/30/17.  Contact Lisa Ramsey, Ramsey Farms, Viola, TN, (615) 347-6403 or 1/1/18


Located in Southwest Iowa: two purebred yearling heifers, two open, young cows and one cow/calf pair – all are black and white are available. Additionally, we have some fall calving cows to sell.  John Fisher, Fisher Farm. Panora, IA. Please leave a message on my landline phone. (641) 755-2003 or email 1/1/2018


Bull for sale in Ashland, Virginia.  Little Turkey Hill Clyde 41636-B. DOB 5/26/17. Sire: Hospitality Cliff 11587B.  Dam: Sterling Farms Doris 28880B. Clift Houston, Little Turkey Hill, (804) 387-8450 or 12/26/17


Registered Black Belted Galloway cattle for sale – heifer calves, bred and open yearlings, cows and cow/calf pairs. Also, Beltie feeder cattle. Transport available. Contact Andy LeMaistre, Mitchell Ledge Farm, Freeport, ME. or (207) 838-0402. 12/26/17


For sale. Well-built black and white belted heifer. Magda DOB 4/23/17. Please contact Patricia Hrab, Cross the Tracks Farm, Kettle Falls, WA. or (509)675-0290. 12/23/27


Four Starr Belties are offering two outstanding yearling bulls for sale. These yearling bulls would be highly competitive in the show ring and make excellent herd bulls.  The first bull is FSB Dugald 41642-B. DOB  11/10/16. Dugald is extremely deep ribbed, thick and loaded with a lot of natural muscling.  He is sired by Meadowood XMan and is out of my favorite cow Aldermere Tara, which goes back to the Aldermere Wiga cow family.  If you are looking to add some natural thickness and muscle to your herd he is an easy choice.  Second bull is FSB Fingal 41643-B. DOB 10/ 21/16.  Fingal is another strong bull with great depth of body and extremely good on his feet and legs with an excellent top line and hip structure.  He stems back to the Aldermere Ronda cow family with such greats in his pedigree as Holbrook Hill Lilly.  His sire is HCS Astaire. Fingal should be shown and would be extremely competitive on the show road. If you are looking for that outstanding show/herd bull contact, Four Starr Belties, Olathe, KS. (913) 634-3494 or 12/19/17


Michael and Lorna Caldwell of Caldwell Farms, Milladore, Wisconsin, are selling a portion of our certified organic grass-fed Registered Belted Galloway herd with unique genetics comprised of 150 belties (including 50 pregnant cows and heifers).  All belties ARE DNA tested for parentage and tenderness ratings.  Visit our website  Please call Lorna at farm: (715) 457-6765, cell: (715) 207-9745 or email us at 12/19/17


Registered young bulls for sale sired by Seefeld Blackberry (AI) 35584-B. Seefeld Backberry (AI) is sired by Mochrum Huckleberry (Red)(GBA) 3557. Barrister St. John’s Wort 40451-B. DOB: 5/25/16. Dam: Barrister Margaret 34709-B. Barrister Jacob’s Ladder 40453-B. DOB: 5/19/16. Dam: Barrister Ashley #36372-B,W. Contact Carol Kellish, Barrister Brand, Lafayette, NY.  (315) 677-3332 or 12/11/17.


Ten Registered Black Belted open heifers for sale. Kiyiwana Danica 40603-B, DOB 3/7/16. Kiyiwana Diana 40605-B, DOB 3/27/16. Kiyiwana Danielle 40606-B, DOB 3/29/16. Kiyiwana Delaney 40607-B, DOB 4/6/16. Kiyiwana Dawn 40608-B, DOB 4/9/16. Kiyiwana Daisi 40609-B, DOB 4/17/16. Kiyiwana Denali 40612-B, DOB 9/7/16. Kiyiwana Doria 40613-B, DOB 9/11/16. Kiyiwana Dwyn 40614-B, DOB 9/19/16. Kiyiwana Debbie 40615-B, DOB 9/27/16. Excellent starter herd or a great addition to any herd. Very clean pedigrees and great dispositions. Delivery available. For further information please contact Nick Schoellig, Kiyiwana Farm, LLC., Stormville, NY. or (845)656-4435. 12/10/17

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