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Bar O Farms Herd Reduction Sale. We are offering several registered cows and heifers for your consideration.  Ravenwood’s Molly 35895-B, DOB 4/26/12, recently calved. Shadow Hills Katy 37800-B, DOB 08/08/14, will calve late April. Shadow Hills Daisy 37798-B, DOB 08/02/14, due late September with an Aldermere Moon calf.  Bar O Farms Daphne (AI) -40319-D, due late September with a Driftwood Low Country calf.  Heifers: Bar O Farms Fannie Mae (AI) 43644-B, DOB 03/19/2018. Bar O Farms Felicity (AI) 43643-D, DOB 05/06/18. Also, willing to sell a purebred yearling steer, and two 2019 spring heifer calves will be available after weaning.  All breeding age females can be rebred to any bull in my semen tank. Please contact me for more information.  Ginger Osborn, Bar O Farms, Genesee, ID. (208) 596-6857 or 6/22/19


Zorro Farms Don 42242-B was calved on June 20, 2014 so he is coming up on five-years-old. I have had him for two years and it is time for him to bring happiness to a new farm. He is strictly grass-fed. He has bred 20+ cows for me each of the last two years and so far, not a single mismarked calf! He is very calm and has a good temperament. Please email if interested. Located in Central Ohio. Jenifer Franz, Down Home Farms, Mount Gilead, OH. (419) 948-0207 or 6/15/19


Meadow View Farm is now offering 100% grass-fed Belted Galloway cattle: breeding females, bulls, and steers of all ages. Some cow-calf pairs and open yearling heifers. Bulls: Meadow View Yukon 40598-B, DOB. 10/13/13. Meadow View Mazzaradi Red 39254-R, DOB 4/16/13. Meadow View Dun Juno 43440-D, DOB: 4/9/15. Meadow View Valdeez 43439-B, DOB: 3/30/15. Meadow View Red Mtn Royal Flush 43442-R, DOB: 11/9/15. Meadow View Dun Fleetwood 43438-D, DOB: 3/23/16. Meadow View Du Rapide 43443-B, DOB 7/12/16. Meadow View Dun Justice 11955D, DOB: 03/02/09. All have exceptional genetic packages, and available in black, red and dun colors. Call (802) 626-1116 or E-Mail for more information and pricing.  6/10/19


Westwoods Ranch in southeast, KS. Young, black belted Galloway bull for sale. Westwoods Thor 42953-D, DOB 11/14/17. Tame, good disposition, good belt. For more information contact, Randy and Rene Woods, Arma, KS.  (620) 249-7449. 6/4/19


Looking for and want to buy Goose Creek Beltie bloodlines. Randy Hadden, Rainbow Ridge, Metter, GA. (912) 658-5773 or 6/4/19


Snake Hill Saxon 33710-B is a dream bull that has bred himself out of a job at Arnett Acres. He is docile and has provided 100% cover on our small grass-fed herd. His daughters are too nice to ship, so regrettably he gets to take a ride! He is located in Jamestown, PA and is priced to sell. All serious offers considered. We can discuss delivery as part of the sale.  Contact Joe Arnett at (814) 573-1332 (call/text) or 6/4/19


Herd reduction sale. Seven bred cows due to calf between April and June. Five- 2-year-old open heifers ready to be breed this year. All calves from our bull, B&J Bailock 39709-B, sired by the genetic powerhouse Driftwood Sonic (AI)-34628. For info and pricing please contact Chad Douglass, Mora, MN. (765) 744-2258. 6/3/19


Anchor Farms is offering two purebred registered Beltie heifers.   ANF Georgia 43919-B, DOB 1/17/18 and ANF Dorothy 43920-B, DOB 10/15/17.  Both have nice belts and excellent bloodlines – some Aldermere.  Would make a great addition to any herd. For additional information, please contact Anchor Farm, T.b. & Deirdre D. Dame,n Otis, Oregon, or (503) 789-3521. 6/3/19


Spring at Last!! Mitchell Ledge has black Belted Galloway breeding stock and feeder calves available. Andre LeMaistre, Mitchell Ledge Farm, Freeport, ME. or (207) 838-0402. 5/29/19


Four registered belted Galloway heifers for sale. Two heifers that are 19-months-old and two heifers that are 7 months old. Contact Tom Neuendorff, 5nfarms, Fayetteville,TX. (979) 966-2996 or


Whole herd sale – going out of business. Two Bulls: Aavalon Farm Duke 38175-D. DOB: 2/23/14.  Sire:  Stonesthrow Whitehall (AI) (ET) 32593-B. A 2010 Show Bull, Aavalon Farm Esau 43379-B. DOB: 11/25/17. Sire: Aavalon Farm Barclay (AI) 37019-B. Cow: BGF Malabar Farm Ruby Rose 25874-B. DOB: 11/4/2005. Sire: Rose Farm Maximum 9055-B. Cow/Calf pairs: Aavalon Farm Tabitha 34761-B. DOB: 12/20/11. Sire: Starlite Ivanhoe 9179-B. Calf DOB 2/16/19. Aavalon Farm Serendipity 35718-B. DOB: 9/15/12. Sire: Stonesthrow Whitehall (AI)(ET) 32593-B. Calf DOB 8/31/18. Aavalon Farm Candie 39353-B. DOB: 12/11/14. Sire: Bolebec Dun Concorde (3187)-[USD]7953-[GBA]3187. Calf  DOB: 11/20/18. Aavalon Farm Classic 39351-B. DOB: 4/12/15. Sire: Southdown Titan 1T (AI)-2117-B. Calf DOB 1/31/19. Aavalon Farm Alpha A10740B1/2BGXX, M1. DOB 3/10/09.  Sire: Starlite Ivanhoe 9179-B. Calf DOB 12/5/18. Aavalon Farm Sunshine A34784. DOB 2/4/12. Sire: Starlite Ivanhoe 9179-B. Calf DOB: 1/4/19. Sharon Adams, Aavalon Farm, Palestine, TX. (903) 549-2036 or 5/26/19


Herd Reduction. We have seven bred registered cows for sale, ranging from 4-14-years-old and (4) three-year-old bred heifers.  You can have your pick of one and two-year-old heifers as well. Sired by Wind River Augustus. 34736-B. Nice conformation and good disposition.  For more information and photos, contact Kreg Kincaid, Countryside Acres, Gobles, MI at or call/text (269) 370-1800. 5/18/19


Semen wanted: Looking for semen from a gentle RED bull that is known to produce calves that are born easily, for doing “AI” on my open heifers.  Send registration info, prices, and pictures please.  Contact Carol Moreau, Casa sul Lago Belties, Crossville, Alabama (850) 974-0258, 5/14/19.


Sutliff’s First Edition ATM 44022-D for sale. DOB 03/08/18. Sire: Driftwood Sonic (AI) 34628-B. Dam: Antietam Topaz 34555-D. Hypotrichosis Negative. DNA verified. Phenomenal genetics behind this outstanding young bull including HF Otto, Fearrington After Hours, and Antietam Pearl. Greg & Pat Hipple, Sutliff Belties, Solon, IA. or (319) 430-6664. 5/13/19


One registered heifer: Norway Maple Bella 43300-B, DOB 10/16/17. Two heifers that are registerable: DOB 8/11/18 (available now) & DOB 2/2/19 (available this summer). Also two crossbred heifers: 3/4 Beltie 1/4 Angus DOB 9/23/17 and 9/27/18. All easy to work with. Please contact Alicia or Tim at Norway Maple Farm, Gladstone, VA. (434)933-8541 or at 4/25/19.

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