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These purebred and registered cattle are for sale in central Illinois. These are not cull cows by any means. We are getting older and busier and will not be showing very much, if at all, in the future.  Several of these would be considered “Front Pasture Cows”.  Some of these are owned by friends, but originate from our herd, or are bred to one of my bulls.  Most cows are quite young and have a long productive life ahead. Please check out their ages and pedigrees for bloodlines. B&J Footloose-43594-B is a 2018 heifer, exposed now to bull RFB Eagle 42378-B. RFB Dun Darling-40093-D is a 2016 Dun cow with July 11 steer calf and exposed starting 8-19. WV May Bee 34529-B is a 2012 cow due in Sept/Oct to Eagle. LFI Wendy 31522-B is a 2009 cow due Nov/Dec to Eagle. FFF Goliath 42869-B is a two-year-old bull ready for service. WV Suzanne Sugarbaker-39575-B born in 2015 and bred To RFB Earl for a fall calf. WV Sugarshaker-38104-B, W born in 2014 is bred to Earl for fall calf. Ireland Cyrus Moses 40435-B born in 2015 is an active herd sire. His calves look good. Poje Claire-39544-B born in 2015 with calf at side. Bred back to Moses. RFB Jane-38947-D, M2 born in 2015 is a solid dun cow with calf at side. Bred back to Moses. RFB Dublin-40095-B born in 2016 with calf at side and bred back to Moses. RFB Dory-41192-D,W born in 2016 is due in October to Moses. Poker Hollar Felecia- A44214-B. DOB 10/31/18. Cattle are located at Chapin, Jacksonville or Palmyra IL. Please call or text me for pricing information or to look at them. Arnie Rahe (217) 370-4120. 10/19/19


Black Belted heifer available in Hampton, CT. Buell’s Fraser Fir 43960-B. born October 2018. Moderately framed and correctly built heifer from a grass fed herd, with great genetics behind her! Please contact Melinda Buell, Buell’s Dragonfly Farm (860) 455-3944 or email 10/16/19


Three registered Belted Galloways for sale. All are black with full belts and good conformation. They are grassfed and feed with no antibiotics. Peaceful Ridge Zoey 40966-B. DOB 6/9/16. Peaceful Ridge Hope 43025-B. DOB 3/16/18. Peaceful Ridge Eva 43024B. DOB 2/17/18. For more information or photos contact Steve Stortz, Peaceful Ridge Farm, Falmouth, KY. or (513) 602-0100. 10/15/19


Registered four-year-old Belted Galloway bull for sale by Pick of the Day Farms in Sulphur, OK. Driftwood Crossbow (A.I.) (ET) 39420. DOB 03/09/15. This big boy has proven genetics and we’ve enjoyed a successful spring calving season. Pictures available upon request. Contact Jason Borders (580)618-0946 or email 10/12/19


Many hard to obtain genetics in her pedigree. Sutliff’s Fern 43158-B. DOB 6/08/18. Dam: Silver Maple Shorty 33259-D. Sire: Driftwood Sonic (AI) 34628-B. Greg & Pat Hipple, Sutliff Belties, Solon, IA. (319) 430-6664 or 10/8/19


N Kids Farm in Dexter, MI has two mature cows and two heifers for sale. One of the mature cows and one of the heifers are currently bred (AI) to calve this fall and the other two are going to be AI’d to calve next summer. All cows have a great disposition and two have been halter trained. They have been raised on 100% grass. Joseph Schloss/Pat Schloss, or (413)548-4445. 10/5/19


Herd reduction sale.  We are offering three 2018 Beltie heifer calves for sale.  We also have a few Registered Belted Galloway cows available, ranging from 3 to 10 years old.  These cattle have been raised on a grass only feeding system and are easy to maneuver.  All are reasonably priced. Contact Pat Snyder, Chippewa Falls, WI (715) 723-8159, text or phone, or email 10/1/19


Registered Belted Galloway breeding stock for sale in northeast Kansas. Four registered cows for sale Cows are Bear Springs Tameechi, Bear Springs Hattie, Bear Springs Daisy, Bear Springs Dandy. Also, have two registered breeding bulls. Bear Springs Elliott Ness 42388-B DOB 6/ 12/17 and Bear Springs Elton J 42385-B, 2/25/17. All pedigrees and registrations can be seen at the CLRC site under Bear Springs Farm. Any questions email Rebecca Schilling, at  Bear Springs Farm, Hiawatha, KS. (785) 742-3159 farm phone–leave a message. 9/30/19


Windy Meadow Farms in Lynnville, IN has a few females available, including Windy Meadow Phoebe 43467-B (pictured.) Phoebe is halter broken and has been shown. We also have a bred cow, NDF Amanda 39778-B bred to Sunnybrook Brody, a son of Countyline Connor, 2018 show bull of the year and a Platinum Lifetime bull. Finally, we are offering POJE Farms Celtic Miss 39541-B, also bred to Sunnybrook Brody who can be sold as a cow-calf pair (due any day), open or exposed again to Brody. Call or text Melissa Minton (812) 403-0019 or email 9/23/19


After another successful calving year, we are looking to reduce our herd of Belted Galloway cattle. We are willing to sell cow/calf pairs, cows, or calves. All calves were born April-June 2019 and cows have been exposed to Sunnybrook Mojito 36172B since July 1, 2019. Please contact Ryan or Cyndi Heath, Hillview Acrs, Eleva, WI. or (715) 533 -2679. 9/23/19


A herd of nine Registered Belted Galloways heifers and one registered bull for sale.  The bull is Double MM Lightfoot 42133-B. Full belts on all. All heifers could be bred but will need to be verified per vet.  One heifer registration in process. Also, three unregistered Belted Galloways females with full belts. Cindy and Frank Given, Rowan Oak Ranch, Sanger, TX. (940) 391-0052 or 9/23/19


Herd Reduction Sale at Klover Korners Farm, Rockton, IL. First time ever, take your pick of my herd, pick the best. I’ll be selling six weaned heifers in a month.  Or buy a three-way, cow with calf at her side, rebred.  All females breed to Oak Valley Edsel. Contact me for photos and prices.  See my animals/ pedigrees by going to CLRC. Email Kathi Jurkowski at 9/23/10


Purebred Belted Galloway cow/calf and a purebred Belted Galloway breeding age Heifer for sale. Bauernhof’s Olivia 38237-B. DOB. 4/16/2014. Sire: Ravenwood’s Beau Brummel A.I. 8185-B.  Dam: Ravenwood’s Gidget18538-D. Olivia is a proven cow who has great maternal skills and has required no assistance during calving. She is a structurally sound female with a nice topline and a full belt, no extraneous white. She calved a healthy black heifer calf on 6/29/19 with a full belt and no extraneous white who is sired by Bauernhof’s Quantum A.I. 40506-D . The heifer calf will be registered and is purebred. Also, Bauernhof’s Quidget A.I. Reg 40507-B. D.O.B. 07/06/16 is sired by Southdown Titan 1T 12117-B (a by Gold Lifetime award winner) out of Ravenwood’s Gidget 18538-D. Quidget is a purebred breeding age heifer, very sound heifer with good form, and has a complete full belt with no extraneous white. Pictures upon request. Both females would make a great addition to anyone’s herd or would be good starter females for anyone looking to begin a herd of Belties. For more information, contact Megan Konzek, Bauernhof Farm, Juliaetta, ID or by phone (208) 276-7010. 9/19/19


Registered black bull for sale. Hobbie Horse Farm Napoleon 43672-B.  DOB 4/8/18. Red gene carrier and is hypotrichosis negative. Also other breeding stock available. Richard and Emily Williams, Hobbie Horse Farm, Paradise, UT. or (435) 245-4594. 9/12/19


Bulls for sale. Shoulderbone Eoin 44339-B, DOB 12/28/17.  Shoulderbone Eideard 44336-B,  DOB 12/22/17. Shoulderbone Evan 44340-B, DOB 11/24/17. Shoulderbone Eiric 44338-B, DOB 11/17/17.  All have Driftwood breeding. Located in Raphene, VA. Contact Debra G. Speyer, Shoulderbone Farm at (215) 519-6426 or 9/9/19


Very good-natured cow with great bloodlines. Swan Lakes’ Martha Washington. Martha has a wonderful personality. Her grandsires are Stonethrow Umbro 11941-B and Starlite Redman 5257-R. Martha has been exposed to SouthdownUnique 9 11781-B and should have a beautiful calf in early October. Please contact Chris Piovarchy, Swan Lake Farm, Valley City, Oh at or (440) 812-4791. 9/5/19


Registered Belted Galloway bull for sale. 27 months old. FNF Moe 42972-B. Small framed. Contact Tom Neuendorff, 5N Farms, Fayetteville, TX. 78940. (979) 966-2996 or 9/2/19


Mitchell Ledge has Black Belted Galloway Breeding stock available. Andy LeMaistre, Mitchell Ledge Farm, Freeport, ME. Email:  or call (207) 838-0402. 9/1/19


Four-year-old bull for sale. Pleasant-Mile Magnum 30677-B. Located at Fields of Grace Farm in Hookstown, PA. On the top side, he is out of Countyline Sir Charles and Southdown Unique. He has been an excellent producer and is very calm, but you know the routine, it’s time for him to be rotated out to another farm. No mismarks, no calving problems, just an easy keeping grass-fed bull.  Please contact Len Pasquale at (412) 974-1052 or 8/21/19


Buffalo Dream Ranch has the following quality animals for sale: Aavalon Farm Moonglow A37516. DOB: 4/1/2014. Moonglow is a 3/4 Belted Galloway, 1/4 Red Angus. She is recorded in the Appendix book. Moonglow is pregnant due to calf mid-October. She was bred to Buffalo Dream Nathaniel 40699 whose grand sire was Meadowood XMan. Buffalo Dream Stormy Ana 36356. DOB: 4/9/2013. Ana is currently being exposed to Buffalo Dream Nathaniel for a spring calving. Aavalon Farm Blossom 37294. DOB: 2/5/2014. Blossom is currently being exposed to Buffalo Dream Nathaniel for spring calving. Claire Johnson (580) 919-3271 or Also, 8/20/19


Hendershot’s Belties has select pasture exposed heifers (most are halter broke) and two bulls for sale. Proven bull Hendershot’s Odell 42194-D, DOB 3/12/16, halter broke successfully shown locally since he was five-months0old. Hendershot’s Fabio 43857-B (a Clifton Hercules son) DOB 6/22/18. Pictures available on request. Hendershot’s Belties, Spencer, Ohio. Dozier Sr. (330)421-1902 or Dozier, II (330) 421-6190 8/20/19


Black mature four-year-old bull for sale.  J&N Jones Little Joe 39649-B.  DOB 2/18/15.  Current weight 1400 pounds.  Hypotrichosis test results N/N.  He is current on all vaccinations. Located at J&D Ranch in Weatherford, TX. Contact Joe Garcia at 817-228-4993.  Email 8/19/19

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