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Black belted steer. DOB 7/8/18.  500+ pounds, grassfed only, vaccinated and wormed. Susan Brunswick, French Creek Belties, Bloomington, IL. (309) 662-4807 or 8/12/19


Five grass fed Belted Galloway steers for sale, 7 – 12 months old ranging 400 – 600 lbs. Also, several bred cows and heifers are available for sale. Contact Jan Harpole, Whippernock Manor Farm, Sutherland, VA. Phone: (804) 265-7198 or (804) 712-7725. E-mail: 8/10/19


For Sale: Nine 100% grass fed Belted Galloways.  Four registered open Belted Galloway cows (two duns, two blacks), three registered black Belted Galloway yearling heifers and two unregistered Belted Galloway yearling steers.  Cows are Todd Hill Summer Song 29826-B, Back Hill Gala 34965-B, Back Hill Cinnamon Spice 39232-DW, and Back Hill Candy Crisp 39233-D.  All up-to-date on vaccinations, easy to work with, easy calvers and excellent moms.  Yearling heifers are Back Hill Fiesta 43667-B, Back Hill Fuji 43665-BM1, and Back Hill Fortune 43666-B. The heifers’ sire has red in his lineage as his sire was Driftwood Sangria 11989-R. All heifers born March 2018, are up-to-date on vaccinations and have had Bangs vaccination. Two steers born March 2018 are up-to-date on vaccinations.  Would like to sell them as a single lot but would be willing to split them up for the right situation.  Contact: Kathy Higgins, Back Hill Farm, Staunton, VA  (540) 414-1804 or e-mail  8/10/19


For sale: Three registered black Belted Galloway heifers. Two with complete belts and one with a partial belt.  For sale as a group. Will be 9 months in September. Unassisted births. Contact Jane Braswell (817) 239-5757 or Jane Brasswell, Classic Car Ranch, Santo, Texas. 8/10/19


Reducing Belted Galloway Herd. Double B Unique 30240-B has a heifer calf at side. Double B Basil A37297-B M1, W with calf at side. Double B Fiona 32319-B with a heifer calf at side. Double B Darcy 40112- B W. Double B Dahlyla. A40114-B7/8 BGXXW. All pasture exposed with red bull. Double B Farah, DOB 7/8/2018 registration pending. Double B Faith, DOB 8/26/2018 registration pending. Contact Barb Beeler, Double B Farm, Beloit WI. or (608) 921-0293. 8/6/19


Bull for sale. Fisher Hotch Potch Nabobs 33260B. DOB 4/22/11.  Birth weight: 65 pounds. Current weight: 1700 pounds.  Has been DNA typed, BSE checked this spring.  He needs to be sold as a number of his offspring have been retained.  Also, have (two) nine- month- old steers available.  John Fisher, Fisher Farms, Panora, IA.  Phone (641)755-2003. 8/5/19


Great starter herd.Pleasant View Jade Bug 42765-B and her offspring Belties Trio Adaline 43659-B with her heifer calf, and Belties Trio Belinda 43660-B. Contact Sharon, Belties Trio, Leesburg, Ohio. (740)-606-6561. 8/5/19


Marv Bohnet, Bohnet’s Red Belted Galloway Ranch, Hazel, SD. I will be reducing my herd of red Belted Galloway cattle. (Left)Uphill Paisley 35712-R. DOB 10/29/12. (Right) Smith Fork Creek Rosey 32817-R. DOB 4/10/10. These are fall calving cows. They have been exposed to Blisful Jonas 32549-R. I have other cattle that will also need to go. Contact or call (605) 881-5891. Worlds largest breeder of just Red Belted Galloway cattle. 7/27/19


Aldermere Farm of Rockport, ME has several cattle offerings for 2019! You’re next show prospect, mature cows, or bulls for your herd. Bulls: Eastman Aldermere Carlos 42287-B. DOB:03/24/15. Sire: Aldermere Yogi. Dam: Aldermere Liza II. Aldermere Edmund 43273-B. DOB: 9/9/17. Sire: Aldermere Lance. Dam: Aldamere Balsam. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email Heidi Baker or Ellie Pendleton 7/23/19


Belted Galloway Herd Reduction: One-three-year-old cows and heifers, registered, black/white, ten to fifteen for sale. Grass only feeding system, calm and easy to maneuver, wintered outside. We are looking at all offers. Located in Corunna, MI. Phone/text Julie or Dave Banas Maple Lane Farm (989) 277-0018. 7/22/19


Herd of 24 head that includes calves and heifers. Cows are bred back. Ginger Gentry, Sutherlin, Va. (434) 753-2439 or 7/21/19


Hickory Lawn Farm is offering for sale a herd bull Driftwood Absolute 37376B. Also, five heifers total for sale. Two heifers born September 2017, two heifers born March 2018, and one heifer born September 2018.These are all registered black Belted Galloways. Contact Bryan Roth, Gay Mills, WI at (608) 485-3520 or email 7/23/19


Mature Bull for Sale. Little Everglades Hubba Hubba 42267-B. DOB 12/7/15. Sire: Oak Run Ottomatic by Highland Farm Otto. Dam: Oak Run Buttercup by Driftwood Supreme. He is black and very quiet, came to food when called. His five-generation pedigree is bred very well. He has covered every cow, his calves have all had nice complete belts, and all cows had them with calving ease. Hubba Hubba has just been worked up for the summer, vaccinated, wormed, fly tags. We can help with transport if needed for a fee. Katie Carris, Little Everglades Ranch, Dade City, FL. Contact Katie (813) 244-0724 or Linnia cell (813) 215-6343 . Also, you may leave a message at  our office (352) 521-0366 .  7/23/19


Black Belted Galloway Heifers for sale:  BMP Klara 42713-B, DOB 4/11/17.   BMP Klara was our heifer leased to Purina Farm’s Visitor’s Center during the summer of 2018.  Also for sale:  BMP Kimmy 42712-B, DOB 5/19/17 (both recently exposed to our herd bull Aten’s Diamond).  We are also offering BMP Karla, 42713-B, M3, M4, DOB 6/7/17; BMP Kizzy42715-B, DOB 7/30/17; and BMP Kristmas 43720-B DOB 12/25/17.  The first four listed 2017 heifers are out of our prior herd bull, Johnson Farm’s Achilles, 36107-B. The last listed heifer was sired by our current herd bull, Aten’s Diamond, 33527-B. Additionally, we have registered cows, cow/calf pairs and steers available for sale.  Pictures available upon request.  Transportation possible by arrangement.  Contact Myra Franks, BMP Farm, Rolla, MO, at 573-308-7438 or e-mail:  Check out our website at 7/18/19


Belted Galloway starter herd.  All are registered black Belted Galloway to include one breeding bull, Sunnybrook Galahad 40819-B. DOB 6/2/16. Seven exposed females ages two-10-years-old (two cows with spring 2019 calves).  All included animals are docile.  David Hatfield, HT Farms, Pittsboro, IN. (317) 370-2889 or email 7/15/19


Nice mature bull and four cows for sale. Bull: Isadore Valley Cornwallis 37394-B. Cows: Udder Galloway Miss Maggy 41251-B, Udder Galloway Miss Patty-38346-B,Udder Galloway Miss April 38555-B, Udder Galloway Miss March 38345-B1/2BGXX. Bull and cows are very calm, with a good temperament. Bull just turned five-years-old, and cows are from two-four-years-old. Wayne & Cheryl Galloway, Cloverdale, IN (765) 301-0154 or 7/15/19


Belted Galloway breeding stock for sale: Some cows due to calve, some maidens, ages 2 to 14 years of age all in slight herd reduction. Berrymore Farm LLC, Manakin-Sabot, VA. Contact Peter Bance (804) 840 -3557 or 7/13/19


Six registered Belted Galloway for sale in northeast Kansas. All pedigrees and registrations can be seen at the CLRC site under Bear Springs Farm. Cows are Tameechi, Hattie, Paughty, Daisy, Dynah, Dandy. Also, have two registered breeding bulls. Bear Springs Elliott Ness 42388-B. DOB 6/12/17 and Bear Springs Elton J 42385-B. DOB 2/25/17. Any questions email  Bear Springs Farm, Hiawatha, KS. (785) 742-3159 farm phone–leave a message. 7/13/19


Two registered bulls for sale. Identical twins. Fox’s Faith Farm Samson 42868-B and Fox’s Faith Farm Goliath 42869-B. Two-years-old on 6/19/19.  Dam: Wayside Valley Cosmopolitan. Sire: Rahe Family Belties Banjo. James Fox, Jacksonville, IL.  Phone: (217) 320-5608 or 7/13/19


Five Belted Galloway Heifers for Sale. One 30-month-old black and white bred heifer due to calve in early June. Three open 14-month-old black and white heifers. One open 19-month-old red and white heifer. Pictures are available upon request. Contact Peggy Stortz, Peaceful Ridge Farm, Falmouth, KY. (513) 535-1400 or 7/8/19


Two registered heifers for sale. Finholdt Farms Elenor 42488-B. DOB  5/19/2017. Sire: Sunnybrook Valor, Dam: Finholdt Farms Ruby.   Also for sale,  Finholdt Farms Emma 42487-B. DOB of 5/30/2017. Sire: Sunnybrook Valor. Dam: Finholdt Farms Brianna.  Both heifers are open.  Finholdt Farms, Eric Finholdt, Medford, MN. Call (507) 456-0121 or email 6/29/19


Black mature bull for sale. Red Barn Sir Roscoe 39944-B. DOB 8/13/15. Joyce Kintner, Lanesville, IN. (812) 732-4785. 6/26/19


Bar O Farms Herd Reduction Sale. We are offering several registered cows and heifers for your consideration.  Ravenwood’s Molly 35895-B, DOB 4/26/12, recently calved. Shadow Hills Katy 37800-B, DOB 08/08/14, will calve late April. Shadow Hills Daisy 37798-B, DOB 08/02/14, due late September with an Aldermere Moon calf.  Bar O Farms Daphne (AI) -40319-D, due late September with a Driftwood Low Country calf.  Heifers: Bar O Farms Fannie Mae (AI) 43644-B, DOB 03/19/2018. Bar O Farms Felicity (AI) 43643-D, DOB 05/06/18. Also, willing to sell a purebred yearling steer, and two 2019 spring heifer calves will be available after weaning.  All breeding age females can be rebred to any bull in my semen tank. Please contact me for more information.  Ginger Osborn, Bar O Farms, Genesee, ID. (208) 596-6857 or 6/22/19


Zorro Farms Don 42242-B was calved on June 20, 2014 so he is coming up on five-years-old. I have had him for two years and it is time for him to bring happiness to a new farm. He is strictly grass-fed. He has bred 20+ cows for me each of the last two years and so far, not a single mismarked calf! He is very calm and has a good temperament. Please email if interested. Located in Central Ohio. Jenifer Franz, Down Home Farms, Mount Gilead, OH. (419) 948-0207 or 6/15/19

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