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Several very nice females available for sale.  Gypsy’s Fancy 43113-B (Aavalon Farm Dunbar 36219-B X Gypsy’s Prancy 36472-B ) DOB: 2/19/2018 Very fancy heifer with a nice rump!  Likely carries the red gene! Gypsy’s Prancy 36472-B (WB Ranch Captain Captain Cookie 34474-B X Moore’s Crossing Pansy 31740-B) DOB: 7/9/2013, bred for March 2019. Legacy Helena 10A 36840-B (Driftwood Tundra 15T 11163-B X Legacy Helena 31874-B) DOB: 6/3/2013 Has steer calf at her side. Gypsy’s Southern Penny 42045-R (DLF Galahad 41605-B X Coderre’s Delphine 32955-B) DOB: 6/7/2013. Cow is red and has a red heifer at her side.  These are all quality that we’d be happy to keep if our pastures allowed it.  All are handled at birth and our herd is on an appropriate vaccination/deworming/ectoparasite schedule.  We have a calm, happy herd that is used to being handled. Contact Karla Denton at The Band of Gypsies Ranch located in Norman, OK (214) 491-8251, BandOfGypsiesRanch@yahoo.com, or follow us on Facebook @bandofgypsiesranch. 2/10/19


Proven Black belted bull, Carries the red gene. Flat Top Barry 36990-B.  DOB 5/18/2012. Gentle, well-marked bull located in Iowa. Pedigree goes back to Klover Korners. Kevin Hendress, Blessed & Belted, Wilton, IA. (563) 326-6229 or 1/12/19


Two registered heifers, Driftwood, Aldermere and Fearrington heritage. Also, a two-year-old bull Shoulderbone Duer 42858B and one two-year-old registered steer Shoulderbone Doileag 43143B. Contact Debra Speyer, Shoulderbone Farms, Jarrettsville, MD (215) 519-6426 or 1/7/19


Meadow View Farm is now offering 100% grass-fed Belted Galloway cattle. breeding females, and steers of all ages. Some cow-calf pairs and open yearling heifers. Bulls: Meadow View Yukon 40598-B, DOB. 10/13/13. Meadow View Mazzaradi Red 39254-R, DOB 4/16/13. Meadow View Dun Juno 43440-D, DOB: 4/9/15. Meadow View Valdeez 43439-B, DOB: 3/30/15. Meadow View Red Mtn Royal Flush 43442-R, DOB: 11/9/15. Meadow View Dun Fleetwood 43438-D, DOB: 3/23/16. Meadow View Du Rapide 43443-B, DOB 7/12/16. Meadow View Dun Justice 11955D, DOB: 03/02/09. All have exceptional genetic packages, and available in black, red and dun colors. Call (802) 626-1116 or E-Mail for more information and pricing. 1/7/19


 Registered black Beltie bull. J&D-R Lone Star 43568-B. DOB 3/15/18.  All vaccinations have been completed this year. DNA tested and hypotrichosis testing N-N.  Weaning weight 496 pounds.  Sire: Holbrook Hill Adam Smith 36160-B.  Dam: Uphill Shining Star C19 39375-B.   J&D Ranch, Weatherford, TX.  Contact Joe Garcia at 817-228-4993 or email at 1/1/19


Registered Black Belted Galloways for sale – heifer Calves, bred and open yearlings, cows and cow/calf pairs. Also, Beltie feeder cattle. Transport available – Contact Andy LeMaistre, Freeport, ME at or (207) 838-0402. 12/30/18




Moore’s Crossing Platoro 43497-B, DOB 1/2/2018. This young bull has great conformation and just won Reserve Champion at the Heart of Texas Belted Galloway show. He has the hind quarter muscling we all are looking for. Perfect belt. Contact Jimmie Aycock by email or call (254) 630-2570. Moore’s Crossing Ranch, Killeen, TX. Transportation a possibility. Additional pictures available. 12/24/18

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