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Meadow View Farm is now offering 100% grass-fed Belted Galloway Cattle. Breeding females, bulls, and steers of all ages. Some cow calf pairs and open yearling heifers. All have exceptional genetic packages, and available in black, red and dun colors. Call Steve Downing, Meadow View Farm, Lyndonville, VT.  (802) 626-1116 for more information and pricing. 9/17/18


Red bull for sale. MRB’S Red Arrow 723 (AI)(ET) 42426-R. Born 3/19/2017 with a birth weight of 65 lbs. and a weaning weight of 560 lbs. He has an inbreeding coefficient of 6.605. His sire is DuRapide Sherwood 75S, and his dam is DuRapide Guess Who 32G, a two-time Canadian Grand Champion cow. Red Arrow’s dam is Driftwood Kendra 47S. She has been my flush cow producing outstanding calves from different bulls. Red Arrow has a perfect belt and is well put together. He is one of two red grandsons from Guess Who that is for sale today. If you want a very good bull with red color to influence your herd. With a quiet disposition and easy to handle that is well muscled. I don’t make my cattle to be pets. They are handled like cattle. He comes from the herd of the world’s largest breeder of JUST Red Belted Galloway Cattle. Marv Bohnet, Hazel, South Dakota. Call (605) 881-5891 or email 9/12/18


Two young bulls for sale with excellent pedigrees, great conformation, and dispositions. Buffalo Dream Karis 43047-B, born 11/1/17. Dam: Buffalo Dream Beatrice 37622-B. Sire: Wagner Farms Champ 38445-B. Buffalo Dream Lyle 43048-B, born 11/6/2017. Dam: Buffalo Dream Ranch Sweet Vivi 36357-B. Sire: Wagner Farms Champ 38445-B. For more information contact Claire Johnson, Buffalo Dream Ranch, Mountain Park, OK. (580) 919-3271 or 9/9/18


Herd Reduction. A mature bull: Klover Korners Red Ace 37028-R, DOB 9/19/13.  A yearling bull: CYR Red Velvet of Edinborough 41899-R, DOB 4/9/17. Cows: Sundance Kleoh 33678-B, DOB: 9/20/04. Sundance Gabriella 33679-B, DOB: 11/23/03.  K Audrey Edition (AI) 36062-B, DOB: 5/24/13. K Perry 34246-B, DOB:6/8/11.  Some cows have calves at their side and calves are red gene carriers.  Contact Gayle Cerulo or Leroy Kindler, Newell, SD. (360) 720-3159 or (605) 892-5832. 9/2/18.


Moving sale! No room for cattle at new home. Must go, make offer! Bull – Piece of Heaven Jeremiah 36103-B, DOB – 06/22/12. Cow – Todd hill Cousin Itt 38504-B, DOB 04/27/10. Cow – Todd Hill Red Shanks 38503-B, DOB 09/16/09.Two young heifers also available to be registered. Beautiful animals with great disposition. Would like to sell as a herd, yet open to offers. Call or text Chad Cowger, Piddley Creek Farm, New Castle, VA. (540)-765-9358 or email 8/27/18


Wanted: Six-eight Belted Galloway steers weighing in the 800-1000 pound range. They must be under 24 months of age. I can pick them up if you are within 500 miles of Louisville, KY. Call Jon Bednarski at Sherwood Acres, LaGrange, KY. (502) 649-8706. 8/21/18


Westwoods Ranch in Arma, Kansas is selling two young black Belted Galloway bull calves. Westwoods Turbo 42928B, DOB 9/10/17 and Westwoods Thor 42953-B, DOB 11/14/17. Both bulls are very tame, good dispositions, and good belts. For more information contact Randy and Rene Woods, Arma, KS. (620) 249-7449 or 8/20/18


Two open heifers, two bred heifers and a few cow/calf pairs for sale.  John Wolf, Wolf Farm, Abbottstown, PA 17301.  Phone (717) 495-0016. 8/14/18


Two registered (black) Belted Galloway heifers for sale.Athenrye Emily 42090-B, DOB 9/7/17. Sired by Driftwood Yield out of Athenrye Hazel. Athenrye Electra 42024-B,  DOB 9/18/17. Sired by Driftwood Yield out Holbrook Hill Xandria.  Both heifers have nice uniform belts and are very docile.  For pictures go to Rappahannock Belties website. For details contact Jack Bagley, Fields of Athenrye in Sperryville, VA. (202) 262 7182 or 8/11/18


Due to a large number of beautiful replacement heifers moving into our herd, Wagner Farms, located in Tipton, IA is offering these fine females that are confirmed to calve in the fall of 2018. Wagner Belties Ellie A33692-B,7/8BGXX, is a good mother, quiet, weighs 1310 lbs., is confirmed bred to Wagner Farms Commander 40525-B (from the Unbridled line). Hav-A-Belt Yolanda 33814-B is a good mother, very quiet, weighs 1165 lbs., is confirmed bred to Wagner Farms Captain (AI) 40121-B (a son of Anderson Usher). Wagner Farms Cora A40103-B,PBXX,M1 is currently listed as an Appendix because of being a mismark. Can now be moved to purebred due to rule change. Weighs 1025 lbs. Confirmed bred to Wagner Farms Dixfield 41279-B (son of Pine View Zues).  Magnolia Trace Carmen 38924-B is a very docile, second calf heifer, very good mother, weighing 1025 lbs. Confirmed bred to Wagner Farms Dominator (AI) #41277-B (a son of Meadowood Zeke). We also have a heifer,Wagner Farms Edelweiss 41269-B,W, who has a very small white spot on bottom of rear foot between the hoof and dew claw for sale. She is currently being exposed to Wagner Farms Eagle’s Talon (AI) 41278-R  (son of Driftwood Talon 46T). Two mature bulls ready to work. Wagner Farms Commander 40525-B, a heavily muscled, very correct, and proven bull with easy calving birth weights. Sired by Sutliff’s Unbridled. Wagner Farms Dixfield 41279-B is a very quiet two- year-old bull who is proven with calves on the ground. Sired by Pine View Zues. Call or write  or call (563) 357-6992 for more info.  8/4/19


Peaceful Ridge Farms is offering three bulls for sale. All OF the bulls are black and white with wide belts and good conformation.The bulls are: Bedside Manor Kyle 38437-B, DOB 1/22/15. Peaceful Ridge Berto 39741-B, DOB 1/28/16. Peaceful Ridge Reo 40967-B, DOB 5/27/16.Phone or text Steve Stortz at Peaceful Ridge Farms, California, KY (513)602-0100. Email Photos are available upon request. 7/31/18


Bull for sale – Finke Farms Malix, 41022-B, DOB 06/27/2016.  Sire: Stonesthrow Contour.  Dam: Sunnybrook Grace. Good conformation, heavy muscled.  Very calm, wel- mannered bull. Halter broke. Will help to improve your herd.  Contact Eric at Finholdt Farms, cell phone (507) 456-0121 or email  Medford, MN. 7/26/18


We are reducing the size of our herd and have for sale several registered Belted Galloway cow/calf pairs.  The cows range from 4 to 12 years-old, and they have some nice calves born in April and May.  Contact Pat Snyder, Valley View Farm, Chippewa Falls, WI, or phone or text (715) 723-8159. 7/24/18


Big Creek Farm has had an explosion of heifers in the last few years and it’s a perfect time for those looking for well bred, correct cows.  We are offering up to seven heifers and young cows. Everything from weanlings to three-year-old females – pasture exposed or open depending on their age. Blacks and duns available. Discounts on multiple animal purchases. Call or email Karen Thorton, Mount Vernon, IA at (319) 389-9647 or 7/21/18



Registered Black Belted Galloway cattle for sale – steers, heifers, cows and bulls. Southdown Xman 30X 32582-B, DOB 3/30/10. Sire: Southdown Titan 1T(AI) 12117-B. Dam: Southdown Phoebe 42P 23332-B. Parsons Havoc 40899-B DOB 6/23/14. Sire: Southdown Justice 46J 7559-B. Dam: Seefeld Profit Zock 29896-B. Parsons Hercules 40898-B. DOB 4/12/14. Sire: Southdown Justice 46J 7559-B. Dam: Seefeld Profit Zerk 29898-B. Barrister Solomon’s Seal 37962-B. DOB 6/8/14. Sire: Seefeld Blackberry (AI) 35584-B. Dam: Ticapa Willow 32161-B. Contact Gail Parsons, Parsons Farm, Cincinnatus, NY 13040, (607)-849-7810 or 7/18/18


Three registered yearling heifers for sale.  Ravenwood’s Wendy 42618-D, DOB 4/24/17; Ravenwood’s Wilda 42616-B, DOB 4/6/17; Ravenwood’s Wilhelmina 42617-B, DOB 4/19/17.  All three structurally correct with uniform belts.  Could be ready for breeding this fall.  Vaccinations current.  Contact Candy Brown, Ravenwood Farm, Fort Jones, CA at (530) 468-2910 or email 7/16/18

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