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Two very nice black belted heifers for sale.  French Creek Sarah 38986B. DOB 8/6/15. French Creek Audrey 38987-B, DOB 8/10/15. Both are grassfed only, vaccinated, wormed and tattooed. They are quiet and will be ready to breed this summer. Pictures upon request.  Susan Brunswick, French Creek Belties, Bloomington, IL. (309) 662-4807 or 4/3/17


Young Black Bull for Sale.  Eckelman’s Boyd 39597-B.  DOB 8/29/15. Sire: Walnut Hill Yosemite Sam 34124-D. Dam: Eckelman’s Kasey 30022-B.  Call, text, or email Nathan for pictures and more information. (812) 216-2900 or  Eckelman Farm, Seymour, IN.  4/3/17


Three beautiful registered black Belted Galloway heifers for sale.  Back Hill D’Arcy 40784-B. DOB 5/8/16. Back Hill Dorsett 40782-B. DOB 6/15/16. Back Hill Dawn 40783-B. DOB 9/25/16. Sired by Riven Rock Donald 37227-B, and out of registered black Belted Galloway dams with excellent bloodlines. Riven Rock Donald has both black and red genes in his outstanding pedigree.  All three heifers have solid, deep frames with excellent belts and gentle dispositions. D’Arcy and Dorsett were weaned the second week in January and Dawn will be weaned the end of March. They are up-to-date on all vaccines and will be ready to go by the first of May 2017.  Our herd is grass fed, raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. Photos available upon request.  Kathy Higgins, Back Hill Farm, Staunton, VA.  (540) 414-1804 or 3/27/17


Two Heifers for sale. Breeding age heifer Bauernhof’s Patricia 39272-B. DOB 5/10/15. Sire: Ravenwood’s Beau Brummell AI 8185-B, Dam: Ravenwood’s Gidget 18538-D. Weanling heifer Bauernhof’s Quinlynn 40505-D. DOB 3/18/16. Sire: Ravenwood’s Howdedodat 8743-D. Dam: Ravenwood’s Jacqueline.Both heifers are perfectly marked with a continuous belt and no extraneous white. They both are structurally sound, well-balanced females and will be a good addition to anyone looking to build a herd or looking for replacement heifers. For more information, please contact Megan Konzek, Bauernhof Farm, Juliaetta, ID. (208) 276-7010 or 3/27/17


Bull for sale.  RMR Xavier, 32490-B, DOB 4/19/10. Calm disposition, produces nice calves. I need to replace him due to retaining some of his heifers.  Contact John Wolf, Abbottstown, PA. (717) 495-0016. 3/26/17


Two heifers for sale.  OK Hills Shantel Smith 40513B. DOB 3/20/16. OK Hills Suzy Amis 40514B. DOB 3/30/16.  Midge Graves & Bud Hammons. OK Hills Farm, Coyle, OK. (405) 612-2716 or  3/17/17


Four registered young bulls and two registered yearling heifers for sale. All six Belties are grass fed and sired by Seefeld Blackberry (AI) 35584-B whose sire is Mochrum Huckleberry (Red)(GBA) 3557-.  They are as follows: Barrister St. John’s Wort 40451-B. DOB: 5/25/16. Dam: Barrister Margaret 34709B. Barrister Sweet William 40452-B. DOB: 5/26/16. Dam: Barrister Renee 36371-B. Barrister Jacob’s Ladder 40453-B. DOB: 5/19/16. Dam: Barrister Ashley #36372-B,W. Barrister Bishop’s Cap 40454-B. DOB: 5/20/16. Dam: Ticapa Willow #32161-B. All four bulls have near matching belts – not too wide, not too narrow. Four bulls in one year is more than we need and can handle as we have limited space available. Two registered yearling heifers: Barrister Lady’s Slipper 39229-B. DOB: 5/10/15. Dam: Barrister Margaret 34709-B. Barrister Poppy #39230-B. DOB: 5/28/15. Dam: Ticapa Willow #32161-B. Contact Carol Kellish, Barrister Brand, Lafayette, NY. (315) 677-3332 or 3/13/17


Two bulls for sale or possible trade. Beechwood Dylan, 39540-B. DOB 11/20/07. A very tame, good looking, older bull who carries the red gene from grandsire, Starlite Redman 5257-R, and his dam, Driftwood Rosemary 25326-R. Isadore Dartanian 39540-B, DOB 6/21/15, is a young bull out of the above bull and dam White-O-Morn Tulip 27774-B.  Good conformation, nice belt, not yet in service, but I would guarantee him. I am in southeast Indiana approximately an hour from Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville.  Contact Dave Husted, Isadore Valley Farm, Osgood, IN. (317) 372-4948 or 3/13/17


Indiana/Michigan your bull is needed to lease or purchase. We are looking for a registered bull to settle five cows and two heifers. We are located in northwest Indiana which is 90 miles from Chicago or 20 Miles from South Bend, Indiana.  Bull will be in the sacrifice lot till mid-April then on full pasture.  Please email with pedigree information, availability, cost and transportation costs. Tim & MaryKay Hindes, Saugany Lake Farm, Rolling Prairie, IN. (219) 306-1761. 3/9/17


Black Belted Females for sale. Double Creek Dinah 27028-B. DOB 12/03/06.  Bred to Aavalon Farm Barclay (AI) 37019-B. She has never missed a year when it comes to calving. Caldwell Nellie CF094 26118-B. DOB 4/09/03. This female is open and the dam of Aavalon Farm Barclay (AI) 37019-B.  She has bred back every year. Two purebred heifers for sale. Aavalon Farm Delight 40669-B. DOB 01/09/16. Dam: Caldwell Polly 26178-B.  Sire: Aavalon Farm Barclay (AI) 37019-B.  Aavalon Farm Cherubim 40668-B. DOB 12/18/15. Dam: BGF Malabar Farm Ruby Rose 25874-B. Sire: Aavalon Farm Barclay (AI) 37019-B.  Two Appendix Heifers with full belts for sale. Aavalon Farm Dewdrop A40671-B3/4BGXX. DOB: 2/20/16. Dam: Aavalon Farm Alpha A10740-B1/2BGXX. Sire: Aavalon Farm Barclay (AI) 37019-B. Aavalon Farm Dilly A40670-B1/2BGXX. DOB 2/15/16. Dam: Aavalon Farm Patience an unregistered black Galloway. Sire: Aavalon Farm Barclay (AI) -37019-B. All females are up-to-date with shots. Sharon Adams, Aavalon Farm, Palestine TX. (903) 549-2036 or 3/9/17


Due to requests for our animals with uncommon genetics, Michael and Lorna Caldwell of Caldwell Farms, Milladore, WI, are selling select registered Belted Galloways this year.  Visit our website to view a video of our Belties.  Please call us at (715) 457-6765 or email us at for details. 3/1/17


Two heifers for sale. Little Turkey Hill Noel 40634B, DOB 12/24/15 (Sire: Hospitality Cliff 11587B, Dam: Sterling Farm Deidre 27896B) and Little Turkey Hill Annie 40637B, DOB 4/15/16 (Sire: Hospitality Cliff  11587B, Dam: Sterling Farms Doris 2888oB).  Call Clift Houston, Little Turkey Hill Farm, Ashland, VA. (804) 387-8450 or 2/21/17

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