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About Belted Galloways

The unique appearance of Belted Galloway cattle inspires many questions about their origins. With black, red or dun color sandwiched about a white middle, they are familiarly known as ‘Belties’ among breeders of the animals or ‘Oreo Cookie Cows’ to fans. Though references to ‘sheeted’ cattle occur in literature and art as early as the 11th Century, the Belted Galloway’s first recorded history indicates that they developed during the 16th Century in the former Galloway district of Scotland, a rugged and hilly seacoast region where hardiness was necessary for survival.

Belted Galloways are the heart and purpose of our society. Learn more about the history of this hearty breed and its ancestry.

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Our Society

The Society’s charter is preambled, “The object is to promote the Belted Galloway breed of cattle, to preserve the purity of the breed by maintaining pedigree records and data, to disseminate information relative to said breed of cattle and to carry on all legal and proper activities to effectuate the primary purpose of the corporation.”

We are an association built on the principles of our charter, preserving Belted Galloways for years to come. Learn about the society’s history, associated group, our membership directory, and more.

2024 Sire Directory

Here is the first Belted Galloway Sire Directory.
If you would like to participate in upcoming directories or would like a printed copy sent to you please email the Executive Director at [email protected]
Thank you to all the farms that chose to participate in this editio.

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