Become a Member

Send your completely filled out application to with the proper fee to
CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation):
2417 Holly Lane
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1V 0M7

For more information, contact:
Caleigh Jerry 613-731-7110, ext. 315 | [email protected]
Lisa Hutt 877-833-7110, ext. 312 | [email protected]

Membership Fees

$550 Lifetime Membership (includes $50 Initiation)
$50 Regular Membership Initiation
$50 Regular membership (lapsed one or more years)
$40 Annual Dues second year onward
$25 Associate Membership (mailings only, no registry privileges)
$25 Associate membership (lapsed one or more years)
$20 Junior Membership (until 21st birthday)
$25 Junior membership (lapsed one or more years)

If you wish to learn more about the Society you may reach Vic Eggleston at [email protected].


Please fill out name and farm name exactly as you wish them to appear on all certificates, transfers, etc. Limit farm name so that it may be included as prefix to animals’ names (animal’s name may be a maximum of 35 spaces).

Animals must be tattooed before application is made for registration. Tattoos shall contain a year code (B for 2014) and up to three alpha characters designating your farm, separated by the animal’s number. Subject to approval by the Society, please submit your farm designation code in form above.