Calculating Adjusted Weights

Calculate Adjusted 205-day weight by first determining average daily gain (ADG). Subtract birth weight from current weight, divide the sum by days of age. Multiply ADG by 205, then re-add the birth weight.

Adjust as follows:
If dam is
add for Male calf
add for Female calf
2 years old
+60 lbs.
+54 lbs.
3 years old
+40 lbs.
+36 lbs.
4 years old
+20 lbs.
+18 lbs.
5 to 10 years old
11 years or over
+20 lbs.
+18 lbs.
The final sum is adjusted 205-day weight.


To calculate weight ratios, divide the individual’s adjusted 205-day weight by the average adjusted weight of his/her group of contemporaries, then multiply by 100.