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For sale – Moving sale – We are moving to another state and selling the farm so we will be selling our entire Registered Belted Galloway herd, 50 animals in total.  Great opportunity to purchase a complete herd.  The herd has been in Arkansas for 2 years and are now used to the tall fescue pastures.  20 cows, mixed ages, some bloodlines include Sunnybrook, Klover Korners, Meadowood, Oak Valley, Uphill, Marben, Driftwood, Aldermere, Wayside Valley, etc.  8 heifers, 2 mature bulls, Sunnybrook Eli, #44429-B, DOB 7-18-2018. Sire – Countyline Connor, dam –  Sunnybrook Elaine and Fox’s Faith Farm Goliath, #42869-B, DOB 6-19-2017, Sire –  Rahe Family Belties Banjo, Dam – Wayside Valley Cosmopolitan.  10 older steers and 8 yearling steers.  All animals are located at Shepherd Valley Ranch in Harrison, AR.  Phone 870-715-8385, email 11-13-21


For sale – Four, black organically managed, registered 2018 females.  Bear Creek Organics Flower, #43266-B, DOB 6-7-2018, calved 5-24-2021, dam Sutliff’s Yolanda, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Fern, #44820-B, DOB 6-1-2018, open, Dam Klover Rose Farm Ivy, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Hickory Springs Foxy, #43352-B, DOB 4-22-2018, due to calve 2-11-2022.  Dam Rockin D-3 Autumn Thyme, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Hickory Springs Flossy, #43353-B, DOB 4-22-2018.  Will be pregnancy check to confirm pregnancy, dam Snyder Farm Xara, sire Meadowood Alexander.

For sale five, black, organic, registered 2019 heifers.  Bear Creek Organics Goldie, #44482-B, DOB 4-27-2019, dam Sutliff’s Yolanda, Sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Grace, #44483-B, DOB 5-3-2019, dam Messmer-izing Cookie, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Gea, #44484-B, DOB 5-3-2019, dam Aldermere Beatrice, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Geri, #44485-B, DOB 5-21-2019, dam Snyder Farm Xara, Sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Gwen, #45274-B, DOB 9-17-2019, Dam Klover Rose Farm Ivy, sire Meadowood Alexander.

For sale – Bear Creek Organics Ginger 2, unregistered.  DOB 8-1-2019, dam Messmer-izing Delight, sire Meadowood Alexander.

For sale – Seven young bulls, Bear Creek Organics Gus, #46290-B, DOB 6-5-2019, dam Messmer-izing Soey, sire Meadowood Alexander. Bear Creek Organics Hugo, #46289-B, DOB 2-21-2020, dam White Rock Sunshine, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics, #46945-B, DOB 1-11-2021, dam Sutliff’s Yolanda, sire Meadowood Alexander.

Bear Creek Organics Julius, #46965-B, DOB 5-6-2021, Sire Meadowood Alexander, Dam Synder Farms Xara.  Bear Creek Organics Jim, #46966-B, DOB 5-25-2021, Sire Meadowood Alexander, Dam Bear Creek Organics Flower.  Bear Creek Organics Jeff, #46967, DOB 6-6-21, Sire Meadowood Alexander, Dam Messmer-izing Delight.  Bear Creek Organics Joey, #46968, DOB 4-26-21,  Sire Meadowood Alexander, Dam Messmer-izing Zoey.

Pictures and more can be viewed at  Mary Nachriner, E3346 Kessnich Rd., Plain, WI 53577.  Phone 757-660-9291, email  10-27-21


For sale – Three registered bulls.  Casa Cattle Ferdinand, #35087-B, DOB 4-30-2012.  Large,, friendly, easy keeper, wide belt.  Great for a starter herd.  PTC Donald Trump, #40358-B, DOB 7-24-2016.  Registered before election, gentle, willing to breed.  PTC Callisto, #45058-B, DOB 8-30-2018, wide belt, beautiful conformation.

Also 2 cow/calf pairs for sale.  Kaide Patriot, #33952-B, DOB 6-14-2011, wide belt, easy calver, good mother, easy keeper, calf born 5-20-2021.  PTC 2E Aries, #A43001-B1/2BGXX, DOB 3-24-2017. Excellent mother, calf born 4-11-2021.

Pictures available.  John or Josephine Peters, Twin Creek Farms, Arcade, NY.  Call or text 716-982-1642.  10-27-21


For sale two registered, 18 month old black Belted Galloway bulls.  Both sired by Double M champion Sunnybrook Griffin, #40045-B.  LOR Sunny Beau, #46884-B, DOB 2-19-2020, dam Prock Ridge Squiggles, #35858-B.  LOR Shadows, #46883-B, DOB 2-7-2020, dam Kiyiwana Miss Taro, #35018-B.  Both bulls have wide belts and are very gentle, ready to work.  Contact Merritt Harpole, Lone Oak Ranch, Mabank, TX.  Phone  903-288-3158, email  10-17-21


Selling the remaining animals at Maine’s renowned Mitchell Ledge Farm.  Interested buyers must arrange their own transport.  Schedule a visit on Aug. 17 and schedule your pickup Aug. 18-24.  Pregnant, open and cow/calf pairs available.  Full payment required upon pickup.  Pricing, availability and photos can be found here:  Contact Winslow Robinson, location Mitchell Ledge Farm, Freeport, Maine.  Cell 603-770-6038.  Email  10-15-21


Herd reduction – for sale.  Three bulls, Peaceful Ridge Stud, #44219-B, DOB 10/10/2018.  Peaceful Ridge Tank, #46692-B, DOB 8/24/2019.  Peaceful Ridge Ollie, #46621-B, DOB 8/19/2019.  Two cows, Big Rock Greta Geronimo, #37888-B, DOB 4/22/2014.  Snake Hill Miranda, #36643-B, DOB 7/23/2013. Yearlings, Peaceful Ridge Annabelle, #46622-B, DOB 8/25/2020. Four other yearlings that could be registered if desired.  Contact Steve Stortz, Falmouth, KY.  Email or text or call 513-602-0100.  10-5-21


Downsizing Belted Galloway herd.  Cow/calf pairs, bred cows, bred heifers, steer and heifer calves available.  Grass fed genetics, good dispositions.  Contact John Fisher at Fisher Farms, Panora, IA.  Phone 641-755-2003 or 515-490-8823 (cell), email  10-3-21


For Sale – Dun bull, Rockwater Remington, Reg. #45792-d, DOB 1/7/2019. Red carrier. Gentle, wide belt. Located in central NC.
Please contact Ann Furr, Rockwell, NC, phone 704-798-3460, email  9-20-21

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