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Two females for sale. Walnut Hill Gretchen 44808 B, born 04/06/2019. JAW Southern Jewel 37387 B, born 10/15/2013. Jewel is a Meadowood XMan daughter and has Driftwood breeding on the bottom side. She was shown as a young heifer and was reserve calf champion at NAILE in 2014. Gretchen is a black female out of a red cow, Walnut Hill Cherry Delight.  She is a E&H Joshua daughter and will make a nice addition to your herd if you are interested in adding some colored genetics. Both are open females ready to be bred to the bull of your choice.
Stremming’s Walnut Hill Farm is located in central Illinois. Contact info: Richard Stremming call (217) 254-5770. 9/9/20


Two open purebred registered yearling heifers from the Abbey of Regina Laudis, spring 2019: Regina Laudis Notre Dame 45415-B, born 4/17/19 ( at right); and Regina Laudis Pearl Harbor 45416-B, born 6/9/19 (at left); both sired by Meadow View Mojave 38974-B.  Both have good dispositions and wide belts, from the line of Holbrook Hill Siddhartha on their maternal side.  Good breeding prospects.  Contact Sr. Augusta, Bethlehem, CT at (203) 266-7803 or by e-mail: 8/29/20


For sale in Oklahoma:  Ten registered bulls, ranging from 1 to 6 years: OK Hills Ron Howard 44655, DOB 5/18/18; Ok Hills Wyatt Earp 44653, DOB 4/1/18; OK Hills Bill Dalton 45652; Ok Hills Hopalong Cassidy 44476, DOB 4/4/18; OK Hills Gene Autry 44475, DOB 3/11/18; OK Hills Roy Clark 44474, DOB 5/3/18; Ok Hills Sam Walton 41950 DOB 3/12/17; OK Hills Gordon Cooper 41949, DOB 5/2/17; Legacy Tundra 38609, DOB 9/23/13; Waits Ridge Charles 41707, DOB 8/16/18.  Also six nice 2019 heifers, all registered.  Midge Graves & Bud Hammons, Coyle, OK 73027; ; (405) 612-2716 or (405) 612-2741. 8/29/20


Mitchell Ledge, Freeport, ME has a wide range of Black belted breeding stock available. Also feeder calves. Transport available.  Call Andy LeMaistre (207) 838-0402, email 8/28/20


Four registered heifers and 1 registered bull for sale. Several steers available also. These are all very nice cattle, well marked with great, gentle dispositions. They were all sired by FSB Wiga’s Zopman 35956-B, an exceptional bull from Aldermere and Anderson Hill genetics. Rainbow Valley Cheyene 45035-B. DOB 2/25/19. Rainbow Valley Sydney 45036-B. DOB 2/22/19. Rainbow Valley Memphis 45037-B. DOB 3/9/19. Rainbow Valley Madison 45038-B. DOB 3/21/19. The young bull, Rainbow Valley Bojangles 45033-B ,DOB 2/18/19, has been DNA tested and verified. For more information, contact Doug and Barbara Swindell, Rainbow Valley Ranch, Wellston, OK. (405) 659-8731 or 8/15/20






Several excellent Belted Galloways are available for sale: Anderson Hill Darielle 19U,29446. DOB: 3/15/08, safe in calf, AI to Aldermere Zale36064 on 12/16/19 and then pasture exposed to FSB Astronomy44385 from 1/1/20 to 3/1/20. Darielle was National Grand Champion in 2008.  Holbrook Hill Venus 3W 31760. DOB: 7/8/09, goes back to the famous Aldermere Ronda cow family and is safe in calf, AI to Eastman Warrior32349 on 12/16/19 and then pasture exposed to FSB Astronomy 1/1/20 to 3/1/20.  Anderson Hill Kayak C35 38707. DOB 4/16/15, is a  beautiful fronted Belted Galloway that will produce those top notch show heifers, renowned show cow family Anderson Hill Wise Maiden. Kayak is safe in calf and was AI on 12/16/19 to Eastman Warrior and then pasture exposed to FSB Astronomy from 1/1/20 to 3/1/20.  FSB Petal 696D 41647. DOB: 12/5/2016, safe in calf.  Petal was AI to Eastman Warrior on 12/16/19 and then pasture exposed to FSB Astronomy from 1/1/20 to 3/1/20. Petal is a daughter of Anderson Hill Darrielle, National Grand Champion female.  FSB Bluebell 699D 41887. DOB: 12/29/16. This female has a rare outcross pedigree.  She is an ET daughter out of Anderson Hill Weekend Gal and Southfield Ronaldo (an imported bull). Great opportunity to obtain a female out of Weekend Gal, maybe the best female ever produced from Anderson Hill. She is safe in calf  to FSB Astronomy and exposed 1/1/20 to 3/1/20. FSB Dream Decor 983G, born 12/20/19, this young heifer would make an excellent show heifer to help promote your program to the future, registration pending. Cattle are located in central Missouri.  Four Starr Belties, Greg Starr DVM, (913) 634-3494,  or 8/9/20


Yearling May bull by Sutliff’s Donald  Vernon out of Big Creek Queenie. Big Creek Xanadu 45552B is thick framed, straight legs and correct. Traditional Beltie conformation with a broad back and a curly thick double coat. Quiet and easy going. Karen Thornton, Big Creek Farm, IA.  (319) 389-9647. 8/3/20






Two yearling bred heifers, one yearling open heifer all sired by Oak Valley Edsel 43125-B for sale. (#2 photo) Klover Korners Gin 44736-B. DOB: 4/30/19. Fancy late April heifer tracing to Australian influence of Longfield Roberto and Shiralee Jezebell and to Stonehedge Patriot. Her dam is one of the largest and best milking dams in the herd. (3 photo) Klover Korners Lady Gaga 44737-B,W. DOB: 3/25/19. Top prospect in the three-quarter sister to Klover Korners Geo tracing to the red matron Orchard Ridge Summer and directly to Southdown Unique 9 U and Meadowood Wayland. Tiny white spot on right hind foot. All pasture exposed to a red bull, MrB’s Red Miles 724 41926-R. (#6 photo) Yearling open heifer: Klover Korners Geneve 44907-B. DOB: 5/25.2019. Dam: Klover Korners Eve 42560. Contact Kathi Jurkowski, Klover Korners Farm, Rockton, IL. or (815) 629-2306. 8/2/20


Bull for sale. White Sulfur RC Curry MC 35955-B. DOB 11/10/12.  Driftwood bloodlines, active breeder, sired 24 calves.  Contact Dam McCrimmon, 5060 Pleasant Hill Rd, Bessemer, AL. (205) 718-1252


Selling three-year-old bull. MRB’S Red Miles 41926-R. He has sired 12 calves last year, 10 were heifer calves. Located in Beloit, WI. Barbara Beeler, Double B Farm. Contact or (608) 921-0293. 7/22/20


Proven red bull. Pin Oak Boss 38967-R. DOB 11/5/14. Sire: Rockwater Redbull. Dam: Pin Oak Rusty. Lineage that goes back to the greats Starlite Redman and 4WF Tango.  Calving ease has been a big plus from this guy! He has been good to us, but it’s time for new pastures. Hendershot’s  Belties, Spencer, OH. Contact Dozier Hendershot Sr (330) 421-1902 or Dozier Hendershot II (330) 421-6190. 7/20/20


Registered black Beltie heifers. Deer Brook Freedom 45060B DOB 7/4/19 and Deer Brook Noelle pending DOB 12/28/19. Both sired by Aldermere Eastman Yale 33763-B. Both are good breeding prospects with good markings and dispositions. Dave Sinclair, Deer Brook Farm, Wayne, ME. Cell 207-446-5484 email 7/11/20


Hobbie Horse Farm has several animals for sale.  Circle W Sunday, is a nine-year-old registered bred cow.  Sunday has given us some of our top calves. She is a black and white cow,  but has had both red and white and black and white calves. Sunday carries the red gene. Hobbie Horse Farm Napoleon 43672-B (pictured) is a 21-month-old registered bull.  He was tested by Hoffman Breeders to be one of the best young bulls they have ever tested.  He was raised in the barnyard and has a good temperament with the herd.  He is a black and white bull that also carries the red gene.  He is a block and well-marked.  Sired by Circle W Boyd and his dam is Hobbie Horse Wendy. Hobbie Horse Ramses 44972-b is a ten-month-old black and white bull.  Gentle personality and well-marked. He is registered and DNA tested. Sired by Hobbie Horse Sunsetter and his dam is Hobbie Horse Wendy. Also available on the farm, tested semen and steers. Richard Williams CE0, Hobbie Horse Farm, Paradise, UT. (435) 245-4594 or, 7/20/20

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