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For sale Gypsy’s Heaven (46899-D, DOB 11/29/2020) is a unicorn of a Beltie. She is a beautiful silver dun, with excellent conformation, royal pedigree, and kid safe personality. Sire is HCS Exeter 2A and dam is Rahe Family Belties Fern (pictured), all have been successfully shown. We are looking to TRADE her for a calm dun open cow with good conformation and pedigree. Located in Norman, OK, she can be delivered for free in between here and Louisville, KY next month.


Experienced herd bull for sale, Snake Hill Increase #41438-B, DOB 4/28/16.  The name says it all.  Contact Louis Rorimer, Chagrin Fall, Ohio for pictures and pricing.  Email or call 216-295-1105 (land line) or 216-870-4032 (mobile, text OK). 12-18-21


Registered black Belted Galloway bull for sale.  BMPMaverick, Reg #45830-B, DOB 10/30/19.  Sire: Aten’s Diamond, #33527-B. Dam: BMP Delta, #35613-B,  Maverick is a very nice, correct bull,well-marked, with a calm disposition.  Other registered black BeltedGalloway Breeding stock available for sale as well.  See Maverick’s sireon our website: Please call or e-mail to discuss yourneeds.  Myra or Tony Franks, BMP Farm, Rolla, Missouri.  Call us at:573-308-7438 or 573-364-0683.  Email us at: 12-18-21


For sale – 3 purebred, registered cows with calves at side. Wagner Belties Florence, #43215-B,PBXX, Wagner Belties Fiesta, #43217-B and Wagner Farms Flirt, #43976-B,M1.  All 3 cows are spring of ’18 cows and have just had their 2nd calf, all born between 8-26-21 and 9-13-21.  All calves have full belts, are black and sired by Wagner Farms Fort Knox, a Driftwood Sonic son. All Three cows carry the red gene, have good dispositions and great maternal instincts. For more information, email to or 563-357-6990.  Wagner Farms, Kathleen & Michael Wagner, Tipton, IA 52772 and, Wagner Belties, Audrey Wagner. 12-18-21


For sale – 2 bulls, Seefeld Blueberry (AI), #35583-B, born June of 2012.  Bramley Mtn. Blue McHugh, #46731-B, born June of 2020, son of Blueberry Mtn. Loch Yank, #34101-B.  Pedigrees at Both bulls are DNA tested and negative for hypotrichosis.  Pictures at  Also young cows bred back or open heifers for sale.  John W. (Jack) Burns, Bramley Mtn. Farm, 257 East Bramley Mtn Rd, Bovina Center, NY 13740., 607-832-4371 or Colleen Heavey,, 607-832-4247. 11-23-21


For sale, 18 month old bull, Reg #47007-B, DOB 2/16/2020.  He has a wide belt, is very gentle has a wonderful confirmation and is ready to work.  Please contact Olivia at 317-601-6484 or email  11-21-21


For sale – Moving sale – We are moving to another state and selling the farm so we will be selling our entire Registered Belted Galloway herd, 50 animals in total.  Great opportunity to purchase a complete herd.  The herd has been in Arkansas for 2 years and are now used to the tall fescue pastures.  20 cows, mixed ages, some bloodlines include Sunnybrook, Klover Korners, Meadowood, Oak Valley, Uphill, Marben, Driftwood, Aldermere, Wayside Valley, etc.  8 heifers, 2 mature bulls, Sunnybrook Eli, #44429-B, DOB 7-18-2018. Sire – Countyline Connor, dam –  Sunnybrook Elaine and Fox’s Faith Farm Goliath, #42869-B, DOB 6-19-2017, Sire –  Rahe Family Belties Banjo, Dam – Wayside Valley Cosmopolitan.  10 older steers and 8 yearling steers.  All animals are located at Shepherd Valley Ranch in Harrison, AR.  Phone 870-715-8385, email 11-13-21


For sale – Four, black organically managed, registered 2018 females.  Bear Creek Organics Flower, #43266-B, DOB 6-7-2018, calved 5-24-2021, dam Sutliff’s Yolanda, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Fern, #44820-B, DOB 6-1-2018, open, Dam Klover Rose Farm Ivy, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Hickory Springs Foxy, #43352-B, DOB 4-22-2018, due to calve 2-11-2022.  Dam Rockin D-3 Autumn Thyme, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Hickory Springs Flossy, #43353-B, DOB 4-22-2018.  Will be pregnancy check to confirm pregnancy, dam Snyder Farm Xara, sire Meadowood Alexander.

For sale five, black, organic, registered 2019 heifers.  Bear Creek Organics Goldie, #44482-B, DOB 4-27-2019, dam Sutliff’s Yolanda, Sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Grace, #44483-B, DOB 5-3-2019, dam Messmer-izing Cookie, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Gea, #44484-B, DOB 5-3-2019, dam Aldermere Beatrice, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Geri, #44485-B, DOB 5-21-2019, dam Snyder Farm Xara, Sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics Gwen, #45274-B, DOB 9-17-2019, Dam Klover Rose Farm Ivy, sire Meadowood Alexander.

For sale – Bear Creek Organics Ginger 2, unregistered.  DOB 8-1-2019, dam Messmer-izing Delight, sire Meadowood Alexander.

For sale – Seven young bulls, Bear Creek Organics Gus, #46290-B, DOB 6-5-2019, dam Messmer-izing Soey, sire Meadowood Alexander. Bear Creek Organics Hugo, #46289-B, DOB 2-21-2020, dam White Rock Sunshine, sire Meadowood Alexander.  Bear Creek Organics, #46945-B, DOB 1-11-2021, dam Sutliff’s Yolanda, sire Meadowood Alexander.

Bear Creek Organics Julius, #46965-B, DOB 5-6-2021, Sire Meadowood Alexander, Dam Synder Farms Xara.  Bear Creek Organics Jim, #46966-B, DOB 5-25-2021, Sire Meadowood Alexander, Dam Bear Creek Organics Flower.  Bear Creek Organics Jeff, #46967, DOB 6-6-21, Sire Meadowood Alexander, Dam Messmer-izing Delight.  Bear Creek Organics Joey, #46968, DOB 4-26-21,  Sire Meadowood Alexander, Dam Messmer-izing Zoey.

Pictures and more can be viewed at  Mary Nachriner, E3346 Kessnich Rd., Plain, WI 53577.  Phone 757-660-9291, email  10-27-21


For sale – Three registered bulls.  Casa Cattle Ferdinand, #35087-B, DOB 4-30-2012.  Large,, friendly, easy keeper, wide belt.  Great for a starter herd.  PTC Donald Trump, #40358-B, DOB 7-24-2016.  Registered before election, gentle, willing to breed.  PTC Callisto, #45058-B, DOB 8-30-2018, wide belt, beautiful conformation.

Also 2 cow/calf pairs for sale.  Kaide Patriot, #33952-B, DOB 6-14-2011, wide belt, easy calver, good mother, easy keeper, calf born 5-20-2021.  PTC 2E Aries, #A43001-B1/2BGXX, DOB 3-24-2017. Excellent mother, calf born 4-11-2021.

Pictures available.  John or Josephine Peters, Twin Creek Farms, Arcade, NY.  Call or text 716-982-1642.  10-27-21

New Hampshire

For Sale: Black April yearling heifer, DOB 4/3/20, Reg# 45793, by Four Green Fields Newt. Her dam is a super Shiralee Moonshine daughter who traces back through the Marben and Dirigo herds. Heifer is a powerful, deep-sided female with loads of performance and a quiet disposition. Sells open.

Also For Sale: Black May 2-year old bull, DOB 5/7/19, Reg# 45199, by a son of our many-times champion Holbrook Hill Zulu Warrior III. His dam was an excellent daughter of Mar-Pine Maurice who goes back to the famous Beaver Dam herd on her maternal side. Bull is larger-framed, long-sided, and level-hipped with an extremely gentle demeanor.

Holbrook Hill Farm, Bedford, NH Contact: Jacob Silberberg; email Phone: 603-668-6400. 12-26-21



Hobbie Horse Farm in Paradise Utah has a variety of animals for sale.

We have both Black and White and Red and White full blooded all registered stock.
We will have both colors available in steers, heifers, bred heifers and bred cows.
For further information contact us at:
Richard and Emily Williams
Hobbie Horse Farm
Paradise Utah

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