Breeders on the Web

The Canadian Livestock Records Corporations serves as the registrar for the Belted Galloway Society, Inc.

A quick list of breeder websites are listed below.

Aavalon Farm
The Adams raise quality Belties in East Texas.

Aldermere Farm
The oldest continuously operated Beltie herd in the U.S. in Rockport, ME.

Belted Acres
Seedstock sales of Belted Galloways locates in southeast Iowa.

B&J Cattle Company
The Jacksons are working hard to build the best in Beltie genetics in central Indiana.

Bittersweet Farms

Jim and Betty Becher’s Belties near the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina.

BMP Farm
Our family farm in south central Missouri specializes in 100% grass-fed & finished "Beltie" beef which is humanely pasture raised on grass and hay with no growth hormones and fresh well water daily. We also have available for sale our registered Belted Galloway breeding stock. The exceptional qualities of this breed are known worldwide for their hardiness, active foraging, gentle nature and exceptional beef quality.

Bluebird Ranch
Scott and Holly Griffith’s Belties on their 100 year old Ranch in East Texas.

Bramley Mountain Farm
Jack and June Burns have Belties in New York State

Buffalo Dream Ranch
Nestled against the Wichita Mountains in southwest Oklahoma.

Compton Country Farms
Located in north central North Carolina, just a few miles from the Virginia line between Milton and Yanceyville, North Carolina. Steers, heifers, and cows and freezer beef available.

Driftwood Plantation
Breeding reliable quality Belted Galloway seedstock in SC.

Double B Ranch
Raising stocky, correct, and docile Belties in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

Double MM Ranch
Dawson Masters raises Belted Galloway cattle in Malone, TX.

Hobbie Horse Farm
Paradise, Utah

Holbrook Hil Farm
Bedford, New Hampshire

Magnolia Trace Farm
Marty and Juanita Tripp – Brookhaven, MS

Marben Farm

Marben Farm is located in Sharon, Connecticut. Jay and Tiggie Gerli breed champion Belties and Bernese Mountain Dogs

Markegard Family Grass-fed
Visit Erik and Doniga Markegard’s Grass-fed Herd.

Meadowood Farms
Award-winning Belted Galloway seed-stock in upstate NY.

Ministock Farm
Jody Richards has Belted Galloways in Vermont.

Mitchell Ledge Farm
Visit Andy LeMaistre’s Belties in Maine.

Rosvold Farms
Belted Galloways and Pinto Ponies thrive in Cushing, MN.

Sherwood Acres
Direct marketing quality Beltie beef in Louisville, KY.

Southern Rose Ranch

Belties and a B&B in Chappell Hill, TX.

Sunnybrook Farms
Sunnybrook Farms in located in Belvidere, IL and is owned by the Willis family: Terry, Julie, Chris and Steve.

Sutliff Belties
Greg & Pat Hipple in beautiful Iowa.

Uphill Farm
Jon Kagan in northern NY has Belties and solid-colored Galloways.

Wayside Valley Farm
David & Leanne Fogle in the Mackinaw River valley of central Illinois.

ZaKK Farms LLC
Home of OK Belties.

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