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Registering a Belted Galloway Heifer

Animals to be registered with the Society need to be done through the Canadian Livestock Registry Corporation (CLRC). Registration can be done by downloading the Registration Form OR by signing into your CLRC account and completing the online registration. Payments need to be included with downloaded forms when mailed in and online registrations can be paid online through the CLRC site.

If you would like DNAand/or Hypo testing done on a female (optional) please fill out the form below.

  DNA Test Kit Request form
Registrations should be mailed to:
2417 Holly Lane
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1V 0M7
For more information call:
CLRC Registrar, Caleigh Jerry
877-833-7110, ext 315
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Please fill out the following form:

The Executive Director will use the data to generate the “kit” at the testing laboratory, review the “kit” for accuracy and send it to the applicant. There will be a kit provided for each animal. Specific instructions are included.

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Samples, fees & testing results:

  1. All samples (hair or semen) are to be sent to the official Laboratory. (Note: semen straws do not have to be frozen but need to be protected from breakage). All payments are to be sent to the Executive Director at the above address. No results will be released until payment has been received. Payment total will be included in the kit.

  2. The test results are sent to the Executive Director, recorded then forwarded to the member. All DNA test results that are needed for registration, AI bulls semen certificates and embryo transfer animals and their dams are forwarded to CLRC. If you have any questions regarding applying for a test kit, please contact the Executive Director by email, phone or letter.

  3. Please note that the completion of the DNA testing does not result in bull registration. Bulls must still have the registration form filled out and sent in to CLRC via paper form or online form.

Transferring a Registered Belted Galloway

  Transferring to a BGS member? CLICK HERE
  Transferring to a newcomer to BGS? CLICK HERE
To BGS member:
Steps below should be done by the Seller of animal.
  1. Download a transfer application form OR sign in to your CLRC account.
  2. Filling out the form:
  3. Legibly fill in the animal's name, correct registration number, sex, date of sale and date the application is submitted.

  4. Enter new and old owner names, addresses and membership numbers. If either party is a non-member, note this in the "number" blank.

  5. If the animal is a bred female or exposed female, it is required that the owner of the bull fill in and sign the bottom of the form, indicating served dates ("pasture" if not precisely known), the bull's name and number, and indicate whether the breeding was natural or artificial.

  6. The animal's original registration certificate and proper fees MUST accompany the application for transfer.
From CLRC account:
  1. Sign in to your account.


  3. Select Transfer option associated with the animal to be transferred.

  4. Proceed to fill out the form with dates transferred, member number, etc. Pay electronically and submit.

  5. The animal’s original registration certificate must be mailed to CLRC.

Transferring to a Newcomer to BGS:

When animals are sold to newcomers to the breed a HALF PRICE one-year Society membership is offered. The new members receive a 'new member packet' from the Executive Director’s office. New members begin receiving newsletters immediately.

Newcomers need to complete a Membership Registration Form. Preferably to be sent in with the transfer form.

Fee Schedule

$15 each FEMALE under 6 months of age
$15 all Steers
$20 each female 6 to 12 months of age
$40 each female 12 to 24 months of age
$100 each female over 24 months of age
$30 each BULL born on or after January 1, 2018 (*DNA & hypotrichosis testing required)
$50 each Bull born before January 1, 2018

View full Fee Schedule

*DNA and Hypo tests are payable to BGS - see DNA form for more information
Applied for within 30 days of the date of sale
Applied for between 30-60 days of date of sale
Applied for more than 60 days after sale
* From non-member to member
Transfer of an embryo

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