Herd Record Forms

Keeping Proper Herd Records!

Full Herd Reporting Project!

The Belted Galloway Society ‘full herd reporting’ project instituted in 1999 places a new emphasis on keeping proper records. Your own system may be simple or extensive, but it is important that you keep data on each of the individuals in your herd.

There is a section in your Breeders Handbook on this topic which includes a couple of sample record-keeping forms. Two of our members have offered to share their more extensive forms. We are including each here in printable form for your convenience. Each is planned as a one-page printout with the exception of the ‘Individual Animal History,’ two pages.

All forms are in PDF format – you will need a program such as Adobe Acrobat to view and print these forms. Note that your forms will print as formatted if you set your ‘print options’ to 1/2″ margins all sides.

Calf Identification Record Form
Individual Beef Cow Record (more extensive)
Health & Upkeep (courtesy Fred Ciaburri, KY)
Individual Animal History (courtesy Kent Allen, MN)
Pedigree Form (blank, useful for researchers)